Heroic Mega Dungeon Loot - Dawn of The Infinite - 10.1.7

In the "Dawn of the Infinite" dungeon, significant changes have been made to the mega-dungeon on patch 10.1.7. Instead of one combined dungeon, it has been split into two separate dungeons: Galakrond's Fall and Murozond's Rise. These new dungeons are designed specifically for Heroic difficulty, providing players with an exciting challenge.

To access the Heroic difficulty of Galakrond's Fall and Murozond's Rise, players have two options. They can either use the Dungeon Finder feature to quickly join a group and enter the instance, or they can physically walk into the dungeon on their own.

Heroic Dungeon Loot

Boss Loots

The 7 bosses before last boss will always drop following item per boss:

  • 5 Whelping Crest Fragments
  • 65 Flightstones
  • 125 gold
  • 300 reputation with Soridormi

Last Boss Loot

The last boss in the dungeon will drop:

  • 10 Whelpling Crest Fragments
  • 100 Flightstones
  • 300 reputation with Soridormi

Does last boss drop Quantum Transmog?

- No Quantum Transmog

Does the last boss drop Infinite Scale Mansuscript?

- No Infinite Scale Manuscript

Does the last boss drop Quantum Courser?

- Yes, Reins of Quantum Courser is on Dungeon Journal

Full Clear of both Wings

A full clear of both wings on Heroic mode will reward:

  • 45 Whelpling Crest Fragments
  • 555 Flightstones
  • 2400 reputation with Soridormi
  • 1000 Gold

Can the Gear be transformed into Tier

The obtained gear can be catalyzed at the Catalyst into Tier Gear.

Special thanks to Toolock, Adam, and Michael for the run!

27 Aug 2023