Heirloom Guide patch 7.2.5

How does the Heirloom upgrades work?

Heirlooms have three types of upgrade levels.

  • When you buy it, it scales to lvl 60.
  • 1st upgrade, Scales to lvl 90.
  • 2nd upgrade, Scales to lvl 100.
  • 3rd upgrade, Scales to lvl 110

Heirlooms from Garrosh will always only be between lvl 90-100.
You cannot upgrade Heirlooms from Garrosh (Hellscream Heirlooms) to 110 (PTR).

Flightpaths Heirlooms

You can now in patch 7.2.5 buy Heirlooms that discover all flightpaths in Kalimdor and in Eastern Kingdom. These cost 10 000 gold each.


How do you upgrade your Heirlooms?

Your Fractions primary Heirloom vendor sells special upgrade items, one type for armor and one type for Weapons.


What is the ilvl on Heirlooms at level 110

  • Armor Heirloom item level is 800
  • Weapon Heirloom item level is 800
  • Trinket heirloom item level is 800
  • Garrosh Hellscream Heirloom item level is not scaled to level 110 (620 item level)
  • Special Trinkets from Warlords of Draenor is still 815 item level.


Amount, types, upgrades and costs of Heirlooms

21 Armor costs 500g each 
8 Two-Handed costs 750g each
8 One-Handed costs 650g each
3 Offhand cost 500g each
3 Trinkets costs 700g each
6 Necklaces cost 700g each

Upgrade armor/trinket/offhand to lvl 90 cost 1000g
Upgrade weapon to lvl 90 costs 1200g

Upgrade armor/trinket/offhand to lvl 100 cost 2000g
Upgrade weapon to lvl 100 costs 5000g

Upgrade armor/trinket/offhand to lvl 110 cost 5000g
Upgrade weapon to lvl 110 costs 7500g


How to get Heirlooms as Alliance

City: Iron Forge
District: Hall of Explorers
NPC: Krom Stourarm


How to get Heirlooms as Horde

City: UnderCity
District: The Rogues Quarter
NPC: Estelle Gendry


Other ways to get Heirlooms

    • Darkmoon Faire sells Heirlooms for Darkmoon Prize Tickets.
    • Argent Tournament sells tier-1 and tier-2 Heirlooms for Champion's Seals.

Some world events now sell either tier-2 and tier-3 Heirlooms for currency obtained through the event


If you collect 35 Heirlooms you will earn the achievement Heirloom Hoarder and an awesome mount (not new for this patch)



10 May 2017