Harrison Jones as follower has been nerfed


Today I finished the 6 relic quests from Harrison Jones and got the achievement "Don´t call me Junior". even thou I didnt finish the Eploration Mission Achievement. 

Meaning, you only have to finish the 6 relic quests rom Harrison Jones to get him as a follower.

So read only Step 1

Step 1

Summary: complete all 6 Relic Huter Queasts offered by Harrison Jones in your Garrison.

There are five different visitors that will come to you Garrison. One each day, with a daily quest. One of those visitors is Harrison Jones. 

Make a party or raid (or check group finder) and visit players Garrison to see if they have Harrison Jones as follower.

Completing all 6 relic missions by Offered by Harrison, will unlock Harrison Jones as a follower! 

7 Mar 2015