Hallow´s End - NEW REWARDS 2023

Hallow's End is an exciting and spooky event that takes place annually in Azeroth during the latter half of October, celebrating the Forsaken's victory over the Scourge. The holiday features decorations that light up the cities and special vendors selling treats.Hallow's End is an event not to be missed for Azeroth players looking for thrilling adventures and festive activities.

Headless Horseman

During Hallow's End in Azeroth, players can summon the Headless Horseman, an elite boss who appears at the Pumpkin Shrine in the instanced wing of the Scarlet Monastery, known as The Graveyard. The Horseman's ghostly shade also attacks Horde and Alliance villages at various times throughout the event. Once a Knight of the Silver Hand, the Horseman is now cursed and believes himself to be alive, viewing those who confront him as the dead.

To summon him, players must click on the Pumpkin Shrine, and while he can be defeated and looted in a raid, the instance limits the group to only 5 people. Thanks to the Dungeon Finder feature, players can now queue up and be teleported to the fight when a full group is assembled. Upon completing the battle, everyone receives a loot-filled pumpkin as a reward.

Starts: 2023/10/18

Ends: 2023/11/01

NEW REWARDS 2023 - Patch 10.1.7

What has been discovered thus far regarding the new rewards associated with Hallow's End are as follows:

Windborne Velocidrake: Hallow's End Armor

This is a Drakewatcher Manuscript that unlocks this customization option for the Windborne Velocidrake at the Rostrum of Transformation. 

Bucket of Morbid Treats

A new Off-hand cosmetic "Bucket of Morbid Treats" is added to the Hallow´s End event 2023. It is added to the Hallow's End vendor, and costs 150 Tricky Treats.
However, This appearance is only usable during Hallow´s End. 



NEW ACHIEVEMENTS  2023 - Patch 10.1.7

What has been discovered thus far regarding the new achievements associated with Hallow's End are as follows:

Kickin' With the Wick

Defeat the Headless Horseman while cursed by all four wicker men.

A Cleansing Fire

Defeat the Headless Horseman.

Don't Lose Your Head, Man

Defeat any version of the Headless Horseman.

25 Jul 2023