Guides - The Zones and Covenants (Shadowlands)

Why are we in Shadowlands?

When dead, a soul travels to the shadowlands and will be checked on how they have been in life. Based on that, the soul will be placed to one of the 5 zones. Each soul has an Anima, that “feeds” the zone it is in. Anima is a force, the mana (the lifeblood). The greater a person has been in life, the higher Anima.

The problem is that after what Sylvannas did, all Souls are now directly placed to the Maw. This makes the other zones and their Covenants wither, which makes Shadowlands wither. All Anima goes to the Maw which makes it grow stronger.

The Maw is a swirling vortex of darkness. Normally, some souls go directly here. The darkest and most dangerous souls. Nothing is knowns about the Maw except that it has a dangerous jailor there. Nothing is known since no one has ever escaped.

We are there to stop this.


You start at level 50 when going to shadowlands.

Shadowlands consists of 5 different zones, With one city in the middle, called Oribos which is for both alliance and horde.

You will level on all 5 different zones starting at the Maw. 







What is Covenant

Each zone except for the Maw has something called covenant, meaning there are 4 covenants.

A covenant is a specific power and each covenant has a certain power over their part of shadow lands.The four covenants are:

KYRIAN (Zone BASTION) (Guide coming soon)

NECROLORD (Zone MALDRAXXUS) (Guide coming soon)

VENTHYR (Zone REVENDRETH) (Guide coming soon)

NIGHT FAE (Zone ARDENWEALD) (Guide coming soon)

You will quest in each zone and do questlines for each covenant and in this way, you will learn and understand how they are.

Once you hit level 60 you will decide which one of the four covenants that you will join.

Each covenant Will reward you with

  • Two Abilities, one universal utility (ex movement speed increase) and one class specific.
  • Covenant specific Transmog
  • Covenant specific Mount that can be upgradable.
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • World benefits
  • Backpack-style cloaks

Soulbinding (Guide coming soon)

In shadowlands, the souls are bound with another soul, called Soulbinding.

You will do the same when you are in Shadowlands.

There are 4 covenants in shadowlands.

Each covenant will have 3 NPC characters that had a key role during your leveling in that covenant zone.

You will be able to bound souls with all 3 NPCs eventually, but you start with 1.

Binding your soul to one of the special NPCs, will let you use their powers.

Their powers are visible through a talent tree.

Each of the 3 Soulbinding NPC have a talent tree.

The talent tree is divided in
* Passive abilities that you can choose
* Special Gem slots to put conduits in.

Check out my Full Guide covering Soulbinding and conduits.


3 Nov 2019