Guide: What is Renown and how to get it

Renown is a resource that you will gather in Shadowlands for the covenant that you pick at max level.

It is used to level your trust with your covenant.

There are 40 levels of Renown.

You get different types of rewards when reaching different levels.

The main rewards are:

  • Unlock a row on a Soulbind character´s talent tree
  • Increase the ilvl of world quest rewards.
  • Increase the level of the features in your Sanctum.
  • Earn legendary recipes to be able to craft legendary gear.
  • Earn covenant mounts, pets, titles and transmogs.

How to get Renown

You get Renown in 3 ways

  • Completing each chapter of your Covenant Campaign will reward a Renown level.
  • Completing the weekly quest to gather certain amount of Anima to your reservoir in your Sanctum.
  • Completing the weekly quest to rescue Lost Souls in the Maw/Torghast.

Every week, you get 2 weekly quests from your covenant sanctum, to earn renown.
Each of these quests will award you with a Renown level.

The quests at beta are:

  • Return Lost Souls
    You rescue 15 souls in the Maw/Torghast.
  • Replenish the Reservoir
    Collect anima to deposit to your Sanctum.

Guide: Collect Souls in Shadowlands

You can collect souls in two ways:

  • The Maw
    In the Maw there are Rares that reward souls.
    There are bonus objectives that rewards Freed Soul
  • Torghast

You can find anima power that makes you obtain Freed Souls.
Offer of Souls – Obtain 10 Free Souls
Pocketed Soulcage – Opening the cage will reward 20-30 Freed Souls
Soulvoid Bag – Only for Warlocks and gives you 5% chance to get a Freed Soul when a creature dies by Corruption.

Guide: Collect Anima in Shadowlands

You can collect anima by completing Covenant callings. These are emissary quests that rewards you with a Tribute containing anima.

Catchup mechanic for Renown

If you are behind in getting renown for your covenant sanctum, you can easily get it and be back on track again.

Normally, you can get maximum 2 Renown a week.
Alts/main that are behind will get also get Renown from

  • Dungeon loot drops
  • World quest rewards
  • Raids
  • PvP
  • Callings (The emissary version in BFA)


12 Aug 2020