Guide to the New Mount in War Within: Delver's Durable

1. Introduction of Delver's Durable

Delver's Durable is a new mount introduced in the War Within game. It is unique due to its customizable features, similar to the Dragonfly mount from Dragonflight.


2. Obtaining the Mount

The Delver's Durable mount can be obtained through the Delver system. You will get a quest called Bountiful Delves from Brann Bronzebreard in Dornagal, Isle of Dorne.  

3. Customization Options

Delver's Durable offers a wide range of customization options. Players can modify various aspects of the mount, including its colors, noses, wing thrusters, tops, and dickles. To customize this mount, players need to acquire Airship schematics.

Source: LeystTv

4. Earning Airship Schematics

Airship schematics are akin to the Dragonflight manuscripts. Players can earn these schematics in two ways: by gaining Dell reputation and purchasing them from a vendor NPC named Reno Jackson. The currency used to buy these schematics is called Renaissance Crystal. Another NPC, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, also sells schematics for a currency called Under Coin, which can be obtained by completing delves.

5. Special Full Transformation Airship: Void

The special Full Transformation for season 1 is the Airship: Void. You get this by completing the achivement "Hunting the Hunter (solo). 


6. Future Schematics

It is anticipated that many more schematics will be introduced in the game, not only obtainable via these two sources. These could be linked to different events throughout the year, races, or factions.


13 Jun 2024