GUIDE: Snuffling Event Activity in The War Within

The Snuffling activity is an exciting event in The War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. In this activity, players can find special piles on the ground in the Ringing Deeps and interact with them to obtain various rewards. Here's a guide to help you make the most of the Snuffling activity.

Snuffling Mechanics

  1. Finding Piles: Explore the Ringing Deeps to locate special piles on the ground. These piles can be interacted with to obtain rewards.
  2. Looting Piles: When you interact with a pile, you may either directly loot it or encounter hostile mobs that you must defeat before looting the pile. These piles will reward you with an item called "Odd Glob of Wax" and Coffer key fragments for opening the rare chest at the end of a Delve run.
  3. Toolboxes: During the Snuffling activity, you may also come across toolboxes. These toolboxes can be used in the Awakening the Machine Event.

Unlocking the Snuffling Event

To participate in the Snuffling activity, you need to unlock it through the Renown system with The Assembly of the Deeps faction. Here's how you can unlock the Snuffling event:

  1. Renown 2: Reaching Renown 2 will unlock the quest "Every Day I'm Snuffling 1". Completing this quest will allow you to start participating in the Snuffling activity.


  1. Renown 5: Reaching Renown 5 will unlock the quest "Close Encounters of the Snuffling Kinds". This will activate rare events during your Snuffling encounters, providing additional challenges and rewards.

  1. Renown 16: Reaching Renown 16 will unlock the quest "Every Day I'm Snuffling 2". This will grant you additional treasures when participating in the Snuffling activity.

Daily Quests

There are two daily quests associated with the Snuffling event. These quests provide additional rewards and challenges. Here are some examples of the daily quests:

  1. Everyday I'm Snuffling: This daily quest requires you to find a pile, interact with it, and loot the rewards.
  2. Varied Daily Quest: Each day, there will be a different daily quest from Gnawbles tied to the Snuffling event. For example, you may be tasked with completing 20 waves of the Awakening Event or collecting 10 Wax Encrusted objects. The rewards for these daily quests may include 1000 reputation points or Veteran Gear.


Contributing Odd Glob of Wax

Updated 2024-06-15 (HUGE Shoutout to Lazey  for discovering the Contribution reward (Firelight Ruby). 

The Odd Glob of Wax that you obtain from Snuffling can be contributed at Middles (/way
You contribute 5 Wax per time which will increase your personal bar by 10%. 
Each 10% rewards 10 Valorstones. 

When you fill up the entire bar, 100% (50 Odd Glob of Wax) you will get a quest turn in called "Thanks for the Wax". This will reward you with the currency Firelight Ruby. 

Firelight ruby is a currency to buy items from an NPC called Scritchscratch (/way 47.73,35.88). 

What to buy with Firelight Ruby

Each item costs 1 Fireligh truby.

Quickwick Candle Kit

5 charges to make a copy of your character in wax. 

Wax Sealed Box

Wax Arsenal

A Wax weapon appearance. 

Pet-Sized Candle

Place a candle a non-combat pet´s head. You can use it to cook meals. 

Bundle of Resonant Crystal


A pet.

Profession Bundles

- Leather
- Herbs
- Rocks
- Dust

Coppers the Kobold

A pet

Best way to farm Odd Glob of Wax

Coming Soon

5 Jun 2024