GUIDE: Siege on Dragonbane Keep

This is an outdoor event located in The Waking Shores. This event is available every 2 hours. 

Both alliance and horde can participate in this event. It consists of 5 stages and each stage requires you to move from the camp all the way to the boss and defeat him. 

Each stage rewards 40 reputation and the last stage rewards 250 reputation with Valdrakken Accord. 

Killing the boss on the last stage also rewards a  Dragon Strongbox.

The Dragon Strongbox contains:

  • 376 ilvl Gear
    BoE Gear as well. Don´t know if that is intended. 
  • 2 Primal Chaos
  • 254 gold
  • 3 Titan Relics
  • 1 Dragon Isles Artifact
  • 100 Dragon Isles Supplies

How to unlock the Siege on Dragonbane Keep Event

You must reach Renown Rank 5 with the Valdrakken Accord in order to do this event. 

Once you have done that on one character, you unlock it on your alts so that they can do it directly when arriving at the Dragon isles.

19 Oct 2022