Guide: Khaz Algar Lore Hunter Achievement

Khaz Algar Lore Hunter is an achievement in which you must find lore objects in THe War Within.

These are lore objects that you interact with. They look like a magnifying glass icon on the minimap when you are close to the object. 

There are 5 lore objects in each zone and each lore object rewards reputation when you interact with it. Based on what zone the lore object is located, you will get reputation with that renown faction tied to that zone. When it comes to Azj-Kahet, you will get 85 reputation for each pact reputation faction and 250 reputation with The Severed Threads. When it comes to the other 3 renown factions, you will get 250 reputation for each lore object. 

Here are all the lore object locations. 

Isle of Dorn


Shoutout to WoWhead data for helping finding Captain´s Chest. 

Ringing Deeps


22 Jun 2024