Guide: How to Get the TOY: Hearthstone Game Table


The Hearthstone Game Table is a unique item in World of Warcraft that can be obtained by completing the "Hearthstone Beginner" achievement. This guide will walk you through the steps to earn this achievement and get the Hearthstone Game Table.

Step 1: Understand the Achievement

The "Hearthstone Beginner" achievement requires you to collect 10 Hearthstone cards. These cards can be obtained by looting them from minions that spawn in the capital cities during the Hearthstone event.

Step 2: Identify the Minions

During the Hearthstone event, 10 different minions will spawn in the capital cities at specific times and locations. These minions include:


Baron Geddon

Charged Devilsaur


Arcane Golem

Scarlet Crusader

Chillwind Yeti

Cairne Bloodhoof


Ancient of Lore

Step 3: Collect the Cards

To collect the Hearthstone cards, you need to defeat these minions and loot the cards from them. Each minion will drop a card that you can add to your collection.

Step 4: Follow the Spawn Pattern

The spawning pattern of the minions may be similar to the Diablo event, where a treasure goblin spawned every 30 minutes in a specific rotation between Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Valdrakken. Keep an eye on these locations and be ready to defeat the minions when they appear.

Step 5: Complete the Achievement

Once you have collected all 10 Hearthstone cards, you will complete the "Hearthstone Beginner" achievement and be rewarded with the Hearthstone Game Table.

Remember, the key to earning this reward is to participate in the event, defeat the minions, and collect the cards they drop. Good luck!

22 Feb 2024