GUIDE: Gear up the fastest way in Dragonflight

This guide is about gearing up and getting ready for Season 1 Dragonflight. 

Season 1 comes out 13th of Dec (US)/ 14th EU which is 2 weeks after the launch of Dragonflight. 

You will have 2 weeks to level up and gear up your character so it is ready for Season 1.

What ilvl is needed 

Based on what you are doing in the game, it will require a minimum ilvl gear for your content. 

Check out the list below regarding ilvl gear reward:


Gear ilvl

Normal Raid


Mythic plus


Heroic Raid 


Rated PvP


This means that you will need a “standard” minimum ilvl of 10 below the reward. So for example if you are doing normal raids that rewards 376+ ilvl gear, then you should have 366+ ilvl gear. 

Looking at the table above, we can say that you will need a around 366-379 ilvl based on what you want to do. 

How to gear up

The events (372-376 ilvl) 

There are 3 types of events in Dragonflight that are tied to reputation (Renown) factions. 

  • Dragonbane Keep event is tied to Valdrakken Accord.
  • Community Feast event is tied to Iskaara Tuskarr. 
  • The Hunt event is tied to Maruuk Centaur (the hunt gives 356 ilvl that can be BoE)

You have to unlock the event to be able to do them. You unlock a specific event when reaching a lower renown with that faction. 

When you complete an event, you will be rewarded with 372-376 ilvl gear once a week per event. This means that if you have access to these events before the first weekly reset, you will have 4 pieces of 372-376 ilvl gear. If you unlock the event on the second week, you will have 2 pieces of 372-376 ilvl gear. You can start farming the reputation while leveling since you get reputation from the main story line and the side quests. DO NOT level up via dungeons. 

World Quests (356-273 ilvl)

When you reach max level, you will unlock World Quests scattered around the Dragon Isles. New World Quests are up at weekly reset for 3.5 days and then you get a new batch of World Quests that lasts for 3.5 days. So basically you get World Quests two times a week. 

The faster you reach max level, the higher chance you have access to previous world quests. 

There are 3 requirements needed to unlock World Quests in Dragonflight

1) You need to be at least level 68. 

2) You need to complete the main story line. 

3) You need to accept the quest "Making a name". This quest is unlocked once you have completed the first and second requirement.

The gear ilvl from World Quests are the same and will not increase. The gear reward ranges between 356-372 ilvl. 

Profession Crafting (306-418 ilvl) 

Profession crafting will be a huge deal in Dragonflight. You will start crafting BoE gear that is 306 ilv gear. With this new crafting system, you will specialize into more specific types of gear, when it comes to higher ilvl gear. By higher ilvl gear, I mean 384+. This means that you will not be able to craft many gear types with your profession. You will be able to do that much later. So if you focus hard on your profession and craft for yourself during these 2+ weeks, you will be able to craft around 2 pieces of gear. Maybe you have players that will also craft or a guild that will focus on crafting. Then you can get really good geared. 

When it comes to 384+ ilvl gear, you will need a specific item called Spark of Ingenuity. This item has to be unlocked via a main quest line at max level, before you can get your hands on the Spark of Ingenuity. You will have access to 1 Spark of Ingenuity per week (maybe). It is not more than that. This means that you can only craft one piece of 384+ gear per week on that character. 

Mythic 0 (372 ilvl)

There are 8 dungeons in Dragonflight that you will have access to when it comes to mythic 0 difficulty. The ilvl reward is 372. You be able to loot bosses from the same dungeon once a week. So if you reach max level and ready for mythic 0 on the first week, then you have access to 16 dungeon runs before season 1 comes out. 

Elemental Storm Events (359/385 ilvl)

Only do this event when you have spare time. It requires a lot of time to get 359 ilvl gear. You will only get 4 currencies for the 385 ilvl gear per week, and it requires minimum 5 of that currency based on what gear you want. This means that it will take 2 weeks to get 1 piece of 385 ilvl gear. 

3 Nov 2022