Grateful Offerings Farming Guide

There are various of sources to farm Grateful offerings.

By doing all the different ways, you will get  Grateful offerings per day.

The Anima Conductor (that you activate)

In your covenant there is a device called Anima Conductor.

The anima conductor makes you be able to conduct anima from a location in you zone.

Based on what area you have chosen to conduct, there will be something special there.

For example, a rare to kill, or access a special treasure.

You can choose a location to channel only once per day.

The reward is Grateful offerings.

Choosing a location will also fill up a bar on the bottom side of the map. When that bar is full, you will always have that location charged and be able to have several places charged in the long run.

The Anima Conductor (that someone else activates)

Go to other zones that has rares that has been channeled by another player (no matter faction). Either you can group up with a player or just go to the location where there is a rare you know will spawn and just wait.

Here are the locations that has a rare that can be activated.

Each zone has 2 locations to activate a rare.


  • Location:
    Rare: 1 - WingFlayer the Cruel
    Loot: 2 Grateful offerings
  • Location 2 Grateful Offerings
    Rares: Eliminator Sotiros and Larionrider Orstus
    Loot: 6 Grateful offerings


  • Location: 1
    Rare: Gieger
    Loot: 2 Grateful Offerings
  • Location 2
    Rare: Sabreil the Bonecliever
    Loot: 6 Grateful Offerings


  • Location: 1- Wanecrypt Hill
    Rare: Harrika the Horrid
    Loot: 2 Grateful Offerings
  • Location: 2 - Dominance Keep
    Rare: Forgemaster Madelav
    Loot: 6 Grateful Offerings


  • Location: 1 - Tirna Scythe
    Rare: Valfir the Unrelenting
    Loot: 6 Grateful Offerings and Wild Glimmerfur Prowler Mount
  • Location: 2 - Dreamsong Fenn
    Rare: Random every day
    Loot: 2 Grateful Offerings






26 Feb 2021