Gnarlroot Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

This fight has 1 stage and an Intermission and it starts over again until the boss is dead.

Stage one

Nuke boss and Lasher adds that spawns. Tank picks them up. 

Dodge the cross shaped patches that goes out from the boss. These patches will also become dormant lashers.

Gnarlroot Boss Abilities

When having a big circle around you, run to the dormant lashers and make sure they get the hit. When they get the hit, those Lasher adds will not be dormant anymore. 

If a lasher bocomes active it will start by doing a raid wide dmg so beware healers. 

The lasher adds also spits thorns at players (Shadow Spines)) that does dmg and leaves a dmg debuff for 10 sec. So beware healers. 


Boss goes to the middle and spawns roots that closes the platform in sections. 

Gnarlroot Intermission start

Make sure the raid is divided in the different sections because there will be pools that must be soaked scattered around the platform (Heroic mode)

You can run through boss but will be slowed and take dmg. 
You can run out from the platform and in again to change platform if needed.

Lasher adds that are dormant will be active when Intermission starts.Remember that each Lasher will do raid dmg when it becomes active. 

Tanks pick up the adds. 
Nuke adds and keep on soaking pools (Heroic Mode)

When boss does Uprooted Agony, he takes 100% increased dmg for 20 sec. That is when you Blood lust/Timewalk/Heroism and nuke the boss. 


17 Sep 2023