GEAR iLvL Scaled in Dragonflight World Quests, Events, Rares - Outdoor Gaming?

So this is what ive figured out

- It has a starting ilvl reward range (green/rare/epic quality)

- This ilvl range increases based on your character ilvl.

- cap seems to be 380

- alts get the same wq ilvl reward as your main

Gonna dig deeper and make guide soon 

NEW UPDATE 22-12-05


Gear in Dragonflight is divided in two parts: Gear that is scaled to your character ilvl, and Gear that has a fixed ilvl. Scaled and fixed gear come from different sources. In general, scaled gear comes from outdoor gameplay in Dragon Isles and fixed gear comes from the 3 big ones - PvP, M+ and raid. 

Scaled Gear

Outdoor gameplay in Dragon Isles has loads of different sources that rewards gear that scales to your character ilvl. 

  • Weekly Quest - Aiding the Accord (Very High Scaled)
  • Event - The Hunt (Lower Scaled) - 370ish
  • Event - Dragonbane Keep (High Scaled) - 378
  • Event - Community Feast (Medium Scaled) ex - 372
  • Event - Trial of Floods (Very High Scaled)
  • Event - Trial of Elements (Very High Scaled)
  • Special Rares (High Scaled) 
  • Weekly Quests in Obsidian Several quests with gear reward - (Medium High Scaled)

Fixed Gear

This comes mainly from pvp, m+, raid but also vendors tied to pvp, reputation and special event. 

  • Event - Primal Elementals
  • Pvp - Honor Gear
  • PvP - Conquest Gear
  • PvP - World PvP Vendor
  • M+
  • Raid bosses
  • World Bosses
  • Renown Vendors
  • Reputation Vendors

Other Gear sources

There is a very huge part of Dragonflight Gear except of the ones mentioned above, which is professions. 



1 Dec 2022