FULL GUIDE: Reach Renown 20 the FIRST WEEK - Farm Reputation with Dream Wardens

If you follow these steps, you will reach renown 20 with the Dream Wardens on the first week of 10.2. 

Before you start, you need to make sure that you have a level 70 alt. Otherwise you will only reach Renown 11 with this guide. 

Start doing this guide on your alt. 

The most important part of these steps is to make sure that you DO NOT click on any reputation tokens that you get until told to. 

Complete Step 1 - 8 on your alt. 

By doing the steps on this guide, you will get in total: 

7278 non-token reputation

13772 token reputation

The non-token reputation will make you reach renown 3. 

Before you use the reputation tokens, you must head to the 10.1.7 Dream event and make sure that you have the special buff, called Dreamsuge Learnings. This buff increases reputation gain by 50% and you can use any token for that boost. Use the tokens when that buff is up. 

This means that the reputation will change from 13772 to 20658. 

The reputation tokens will make you increase your renown from 3 to 10. 

Once you reach renown 10 on your alt, you will get a buff that increases reputation gain with Dream Wardens by 100% on characters below Renown 10. 

Now you log on your main character and complete Step 1-8 again. 

By doing the steps on this guide, you will get: 

  • Renown 16 the First week
    When no extra event buffs (darkmoon faire / World Quest / 10th Anniversary

  • Renown 17.1 the First week
    When World Quest buff is up (not added the contract)

  • Renown 17.89 the First week
    When Darkmoon Faire + World Quest event

  • Renown 16.5 the First week
    When Darkmoon Faire

  • When 19th Anniversary the First week
    Renown 17

The last thing you can do to min max and reach higher renown is to do hourly Superbloom that rewards 100 rep per time. 

We have not added any contract or extra bonus rep from world quests in consideration. 

STEP 1 - Main Storyline

Complete the 5 chapters of the main storyline. 

There are 5 chapters that you have access to the first week of 10.2. You will get 2500 reputation from the first chapter but not as a token, You get this reputation directly. 

The remaining chapters will reward a total of 3x2500 reputation tokens. 

Save these tokens in your bag. 

Reputation summary

  • 2500 non-token reputation
  • 7500 token reputation

STEP 2 - Side Stories

Complete the 9 side quests. 

There are a total of 9 side quests in 10.2 Each side quest will reward different amount of reputation tokens. Here are all the rewards and locations:

  1. NPC: Wrathion
    Quest: A Draon in Hand is Worth Two in the Roos
    Coords: /way
    Rewards 750 rep token
  2. NPC: Thaalean
    Quest: Build-a-Blanket & Fluffy Filler Retrieval
    Coords: /way 58.01, 77.88
    Rewards 750 rep token (Pact of the Netherwing)
  3. NPC: Ethidris Creekward
    Quest: Pineshrew Panic
    Coord: /way 53.77, 74.59
    Rewards 500 rep token (The Crown of the Dryad Daughter)
  4. NPC: Shandris Feathermoon
    Quest: Smother the Flames
    Coord: /way 46.64, 46.18
    Rewards 750 rep token (Dream-Imbued Journal)
  5. NPC: Dreamkin
    Quest: Q´onzu´s Qualification
    Coords: /way 34.73, 68.95
    Rewards first 228 no token rep (Tangled Yard of Secrets)
    Rewards 772 rep token (Insight of Q´onzu
  6. NPC: Solarys Thorngale
    Quest: Burning out
    Coords: /way 52.02, 63.61
    Item: Singed Leaflet
    Quest: A Passed Torch
    Coords: 38.00,47.31
    Rewards 500 rep token (Bounty of the Fallen Defector)
  7. NPC: Aviana
    Quest: Aviana´s Assessment
    Coords: 65.84,37.73
    NPC: Q´onzu
    Quest: Q´onzu´s Quandary
    Coords: /way 65.84, 37.73
    Rewards 250 rep token (Treacherous Research Notes) 
  8. NPC: Keeper Adrianas
    Quest: Memory of the Dreamer
    Coords: /way 58.71, 23.89
    Rewards 750 rep token (Sprout of Rebith)
  9. NPC: Lady Moonberry
    Quest: Trouble at the Tree
    Coords: /way 49.79, 62.49
    Rewards 250 rep token (The Spare Party Hat) 

Reputation summary

  • 228 non-token reputation
  • 5272 token reputation

STEP 3 - Weekly Quests

Complete 4 weekly quests that reward reputation. 

Weekly Quest 1 - The Superbloom

You complete this quest when completing a Superbloom event. This quest rewards a Cache of Overblooming Treasures when completed that rewards 1000 rep token. This quest is given by Clarelle north of Central Encampment in the Emerald Dreams. 

/way 51.42, 59.62

Weekly Quest 2 - A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens

You complete this quest when gathering 1500 reputation with the Dream Wardens. This quest rewards 500 rep (not token). You get this quest in the Emerald Dream from Keeper Amrymn in Central Encampment. 

/way 50.21, 61.58

Weekly quest 3 - Professions

This one is actually two quests that are similar. You have to complete the first one before you can see and do the second one. These two quests are tied to profession materials. You will turn in profession materials to make Shipment of Goods boxes and it is the boxes that you need to complete the quests. The first quest requires 1 Shipment of Goods box and rewards 250 non token reputation. The second quest requires 5 Shipment of Goods boxes and rewards 250 non-token reputation. 

The NPC to take the quests from is Eran´nda inside a tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.47

The NPC you talk to for crafting the Shipment of Goods is Vashonir who is also located  inside the  tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.53 

Reputation summary

  • 1000 non-token reputation
  • 1000 token reputation 

Step 4 - Dreaming Chests - Unwaking Echo

There are 4 chests that you can interact with and open when you are dreaming. So to be able to open them you have to type /sleep so that you fall asleep. Your “dreaming” character will then appear and you can open the chest now. 

These 4 chests contain 200 non-token reputation each. Here are the way point locations for all four. 

/way 55.68, 22.55 Unwaking Echo 1
/way 54.83, 44.62 Cave Entrance Unwaking Echo 2
/way 46.40, 86.16 Unwaking Echo 3
/way 69.58, 52.85 Unwaking Echo 4 inside house

Reputation summary

  • 800 non-token reputation

Step 5 - Special Treasures

There are 6 special Treasures scattered in the Emerald Dream. Each treasure will have a nice reward but also 200 non-token reputation. Here are the way point locations for all six.

/way 47.47, 34.92 Hidden Podling Stash
/way 39.72, 52.14 Triflesnatch's Roving Trove
Starts by interacting with the owl Triflesnatcher. Follow it and interact with it once it lands. Three times and then you get the loot.
The other locations the bird goes to are (/way 42.23, 56.30   /way 34.09 56.34)

/way 55.27, 57.25 Odd Burl
/way 64.35 61.31 Start Magical Bloom
/way 61.68 59.59 End Magical Bloom
/way 37.26, 30.67 Pineshrew Cache
/way 39.15, 65.48 Crystalline-Glowblossom

Reputation summary

  • 1200 non-token reputation

Step 6 - Elite Rares

There are 8 Elite Rares in Emerald Dream. Killing a rare rewards 50 non-token reputation. Also, you will get a bag called Dryad´s Supply Pouch. This bag contains 50 more non-token reputations. It seems that this is a one time reward. 

Reputation summary

  • 800 non-token reputation

Step 7 - World Quests

During an entire week, you will have around 15 World Quests in total. Each World Quest rewards 50 non-token reputation. You can get a single world quest that rewards 75 more non-token reputation as bonus reward. 

Reputation summary

  • 750 non-token reputation

Step 8 - Reputation Buffs

Before you use the reputation tokens, you must head to the 10.1.7 Dream event and make sure that you have the special buff called Dreamsurge Learning. This is a buff that will pop up from time to time that you can vote for. When it is available it will be up for 30 minute. This buff increases reputation gain by 50% and you can use any token for that boost. Use the tokens when that buff is up. 

The BEST time for 10.2 to launch would be any time in November. There are loads of good periods with extra reputation boost (some more, some less). This is good for players that need to farm reputation with the new Renown Faction, The Dream Wardens, coming in 10.2. 

During November month there are:

  • World Quest Bonus Event 

Begins: 31/10 at 07:00
Ends: 07/11 at 06:00

  • Darkmoon Faire

Begins: 05/11 at 00:01
Ends: 11/11 at 23:59

  • WoW´s 19th Anniversary

Begins: 16/11 at 10:00
Ends; 07/12 at 10:00

World Quest Bonus Event

This event will reward extra reputation to World Quests. You can also combine this with the Dream Wardens Contract. 

This event will also have a weekly quest in which you have to complete World Quests and in the reward you can choose 2500 reputation with a Renown Faction. The Dream Wardens are part of the pick as well. 

Darkmoon Faire

This event has a 10% reputation for one hour that you can get over and over during the entire event. Just ride the carousel in the Darkmoon Faire and you get the buff. 

You can also buy a darkmoon faire hat that you can have in your bag and put on anytime during the event. This hat is bought from a vendor in the Darkmoon Faire.

WoW´s 19th Anniversary

During the WoW´s 19th Anniversary we are getting a buff that contains 19% extra reputation. You will get this buff by opening present that will be in your mail box when the anniversary starts,´. 

Extra: If you are playing a human character, you will get 10% more reputation as well. 

Filler Step - “Endless” reputation farm

By completing the superbloom event, you will also get 100 reputation as reward. You will always get 100 reputation as reward no matter how often you complete the Superbloom event. You can do it over and over and over and over. 

14 Oct 2023