Full Guide - How to make a Legendary in Shadowlands

In Shadowlands, you will create your legendary gear.
You can only wear one legendary at the time (for now)


At max level, you will do a small questline in Torghast to unlock a Portal to the Runecarver´s Cell. It´s in Runecarver´s Cell you create the legendary gear by talking to the Runecarver. Talking to the Runecarver opens a Runecarving UI. Here you add what is needed in order to create the Legendary item.

Each legendary gear has 4 slots to fill to be able to make it into a legendary gear

  • A crafted Specialized Armor/Jewelry slot
    You add a specialized armor
  • A crafted Secondary Stats Slot
    You add a Rune (haste/Critical Strike/Mastery/Versatility)
  • Another Secondary Stats Slot
    You add a Rune that is not the same as the first one, you cannot have 2 of the same. (haste/Critical Strike/Mastery/Versatility)
  • A legendary power Slot
    The power the legendary can

Once you obtained the items needed, you also need Soul Ash in order to perform the creation of the Legendary item. In beta, it costs 100 Soul Ash to craft one legendary item.

Crafted Specialized Armor/Jewelry

Specialized Armor
Is either mail, plate, cloth or leather.
This Specialized Armor is crafted by the professions, Blacksmithing (plate), leatherworking (leather/mail) and Tailoring (cloth).
The Specialized Armor for plate gear is called Shadowghast
The Specialized Armor for cloth gear is called Grim-Veiled
The Specialized Armor for leather gear is called Umbrahide
The Specialized Armor for mail gear is called Boneshatter

Specialized Jewelry
These are ring and necklace, called Shadowghast Ring and Shadowghast Necklace.
This Specialized Jewelry is crafted by Jewelcrafters.

Upgrade a legendary gear

  • Upgrading a legendary means that you will upgrade an existing legendary gear that you have.
  • You upgrade your legendary on the location and NPC as before when you crated your legendary.
  • This time you just choose the option “I´d like to upgrade my legendary item”.
  • You need to add your previous legendary in the slot.
  • You need the base item gear with the ilvl that you want (Specialized Armor/Jewelry) that you craft yourself or buy from someone/action house that have crafter it.
  • When crafting a Specialized armor/Jewelry, level up your experience.
  • You start at rank 1. 
  • You can increase the ilvl by getting experience and level up ranks.
  • The higher ranks, the higher ilvl you can craft.
  • Each time you craft a slot specific armor, you gain 1 experience.
  • You start at the rank 1 bar with 190
  • Once you reach a new rank, yo can craft a higher base item. 

Rank 1
ilvl 190

Rank 2
ilvl 210

Rank 3
ilvl 225

Rank 4
ilvl 235

You only get experience on that specific gear slot.
For example, let´s say that you crafted a helm several times. Then you reach rank 2 on crafting a helm.
Now the ilvl will be higher for helm.
But if you start crafting a shoulder gear, then you are still in the beginning on rank 1 for shoulders and must start crafting that to reach rank 2.


Secondary Stats

You must add two secondary stats to the legendary item you want to craft.

These are either Haste/Critical Strike/Mastery/Versatility.

The Inscription profession will be able to craft Runes of secondary stats.

Runes of Haste
Runes of Critical Strike
Runes of Mastery
Runes of Versatility

You can only add one of the same type of Rune. For example, you cannot add two Runes of Haste.

Legendary Power

Most of what these powers do are similar to old tiers in previous expansions and legendaries from legion but also new ones.

Each class will have 4 legendary powers that any spec can use.

Each class will also have 4 legendary powers that are spec specific.

There are also 8 general legendary powers that all classes can use. 

How to get Legendary Power
Legendary power comes from speciifc places in the game. Check the legendary power you need and it will always come from a specific source.

Examples of the different sources are

  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Raid Bosses
  • Reputation vendor
  • Torghast

Soul Ash

This is the “currency” needed in order to perform the creation of a legendary once you have all items needed.

You obtain Soul Ash from the Torghast scenario.

Thorghast is divided in 3 parts, a cosmetic rewards part (Twisting Corridors) and two Soul Ash reward parts.

Thorghast Soul Ash reward is divided in 6 wings in which you can do 2 of them per week.

Each wing is divided in layers, Layer 1-8.

Each layer is divided into 6 floors.

Layer 1 - Has Floor 1-6
Layer 2 - Has Floor 7-12
Layer 3 - Has Floor 13-18
Layer 4 - Has Floor 16-24
Layer 5 - Has Floor 25-30
Layer 5 - Has Floor 31-36

Completing a layer rewards you with Soul Ash. 

Layer Soul Ash reward
1 120
2 100
3 85
4 70
5 60
6 50
7 45
8 40
Total 570

Completing an entire wing rewards 570 Soul Ashes.

Meaning, in total you can get 1140 Soul Ashes when completing both Torghast parts. 

When completing a layer, you unlock the next layer.

Let´s say that you complete 3 wings the first week.

The wecond week, you can hop straight into wing 4 because you unlocked it. 

Completing wing 4 will reward you all Soul Ash you woud get from the lower layers as well.

So you dont have to do each layer, just the highest one to get full rewarded. 

The cost to create a legendary

The price for making a Legendary is based on the ilvl of the specialized armor.  

Rank 1 Specialized Armor (190 ilvl) - costs 1250 Soul Ash to make into a legendary

Rank 2 Specialized Armor (210 ilvl) - costs 2000 Soul Ash to make into a legendary

Rank 3 Specialized Armor (225 ilvl) - costs 3200 Soul Ash to make into a legendary

Rank 4 Specialized Armor (235 ilvl) - costs 5150 Soul Ash to make into a legendary

The cost to upgrade a legendary

To create a Legendary from scratch you pay the total Soul Ash it costs for that specific rank.
To upgrade a new Legendary, it'll cost you the amount that you haven't paid yet for that rank (the difference). 

Patch 9.1 - upgrading legendary changed

In 9.1, you will be able to upgrade Legendary gear two times:

  • 250 ilvl
  • 260 ilvl

There are now in total 6 ranks of upgrading legendary gear and when reaching the last two ranks, you will not use Soul Ash anymore for upgrading them.

Instead of using Soul Ash, you will use an item called Progenian Fragment (that is BoE)
This fragment is needed to craft a Vestige of Origins that profession crafters can use to upgrade the base item of the legendary gear. 

How long time does it take to get a legendary gear?

The first weeks differs from the rest because you will only have the first 3 available until season 1 starts. When S1 starts, you will get layer 4-6 unlocked and when mythic nyalotha is out, then the last 2 (7-8) layers are available.

So 610 (305 * 2) Soul Ash a week (except for the questline Soul Ash). At least 200 more the first week from the quest that takes you to Torghast. 

610 Soul ASh a week -> 1220 after 2 weeks. Plus 200 from q -> 1420 Soul Ash.
First lego rank 1 costs 1250

It will take 2 weeks before you can craft your first lego (Rank 1) after Shadowlands launches. 


30 Jul 2020