Follower Dungeons in The War Within

In the Dragonflight expansion of World of Warcraft, a feature called Follower Dungeons was introduced, and it is set to make a comeback in The War Within. Follower Dungeons provide players with a distinct and immersive experience of dungeons. Players have the option to queue up solo and embark on these dungeons with a party of NPCs. This guide aims to provide you with detailed insights into Follower Dungeons in The War Within.

What are Follower Dungeons

Follower Dungeons provide a unique opportunity for players to embark on dungeon adventures solo. When queuing up, players are placed into a party alongside four NPC teammates. These dungeons are thoughtfully crafted with level 70-80 players in mind, ensuring an engaging and challenging experience tailored to their abilities.

How Follower Dungeons Work

In Follower Dungeons, players have the opportunity to venture into dungeons alone, without the need for a pre-formed party. When queuing up, they will be paired with NPC teammates who will join them on their journey. These NPCs offer two distinct approaches: they can either follow the player's lead, acting as supportive companions, or take charge and independently navigate through the dungeon. To provide players with even more control, there is an option to toggle the Dungeon Assistance feature. This allows players to decide whether the NPCs should lead the way or if they prefer to take control themselves. Additionally, the NPCs are adaptable and will adjust their pace to match the player's, enabling them to freely explore the dungeon and become more comfortable in their chosen role.

The War Within Dungeons

The War Within introduces eight new dungeons, divided into two categories:

  1. Level-Up Dungeons:
    • The Rookery
    • The Stonevault
    • Priory of the Sacred Flame
    • City of Threads
  2. Max-Level Dungeons:
    • Cinderbrew Meadery
    • Darkflame Cleft
    • The Dawnbreaker
    • Old City

Benefits of Follower Dungeons

Follower Dungeons provide a unique and enjoyable way to experience dungeons, especially when letting the AI tank take the lead. This allows players to observe the routes, patrols, and other details within the dungeon. Additionally, Follower Dungeons offer a more flexible and convenient option for players who prefer to play solo or at their own pace.

Difficulty Comparison

When running a Follower Dungeon with a character that has a gear item level of 500 or higher in a level 70 leveling dungeon, you'll notice a significant difference in difficulty compared to normal player dungeons. Mobs in Follower Dungeons will deal minimal damage to your character, and they will be defeated quickly.However, if your character's gear is similar in item level to the gear rewarded in the dungeon (around 408 at level 70), the difficulty level will be more comparable to that of a normal player dungeon, and it may even be more challenging.

Some Data

  1. Ara kara Normal Players
    • Duration: 12 minutes and 41 seconds
    • Experience: 128,000 XP

When running the Ara kara dungeon with other real players, you can expect to gain 128,000 XP. This version of the dungeon is designed for normal players and offers a longer duration.

  1. Ara kara Follower Dungeon
    • Duration: 5 minutes
    • Experience: 35,000 XP

When running the Ara kara dungeon with AI characters, you can expect to gain 35,000 XP. This version of the dungeon is specifically designed for Follower Dungeons and offers a shorter duration.

20 Jun 2024