Flightstones and Crests turns into gold and silver

With the dragonflight coming to a close and the impending prepatch for the new expansion, The War Within, on August 23rd, it's essential to prepare for the changes that will occur during this transition. One significant change to note is the depletion of Flightstones and Crests in the War Within, which will be converted into gold and silver


Flightstones, those trusty relics of travel, will no longer serve their original purpose in the War Within. However, fear not, as they will be transformed into a valuable resource – silver! Each Flightstone will be converted into 50 silver, providing adventurers with a welcome boost to their coffers. Be sure to gather any remaining Flightstones before the prepatch hits to maximize your silver reserves.


Similarly, Crests will undergo a transformation in the War Within, being converted into the coveted gold currency of Azeroth. Every Crest in your possession will be exchanged for 1 gold, offering a substantial reward for those who have diligently collected these items. Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn your Crests into a handsome sum of gold before the prepatch arrives.

3 Jul 2024