Everything coming out in patch 8.2

All this will come out in patch 8.2.

I will make guides on each section.

  • New Zone: Nazjatar

  • New Zone: Mechagon

  • New Raid: Azshara´s Eternal Place

  • New Dungeon: Operation: Mechagon

  • New System: Heart of Azeroth

  • New Quest: Magni and the Heart of Azeroth

  • New Quests: The War Campaign

  • Heritage Armor: Gnome

  • Heritage Armor: Tauren

  • New Island: Crestfall

  • New Island: Snowblossom Village

  • Heroic Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde

  • New Arena: The Robodrome

  • Epic Battleground: Ashran

  • Flying unlocked: Pathfinder part 2

  • New items: Mount Equipment

  • Season update: Season 3

  • Mission Updates: New missions and mechanics

  • Holiday updates: Brewfest and more

  • War Mode: New Content

  • Professions: New Recipes

  • Pet Battles: New pets, New Dungeon, and more

11 Apr 2019