EVERYTHING coming in 10.1.5

There are over 30 things coming in patch 10.1.5 and this guide goes through them all. Also, I have done more in depth guides on all these things that are brought up here as well. 

Time Rifts

This is a new event that takes place in Valdrakken. It is a solo and community event which means that it is an open world where all players can come and help. The more you contribute as a community, the more rewards. 

In this event, we will get time portals where mobs from alternative worlds will enter our world and we have to fight back and close them. You will do this by completing objectives within 8 minutes and these objectives can be fighting mobs or a bigger bigger mob, but also minigames. 

Once the 8 minute event is over, you will get a time rift portal to enter instead and get ported to an alternative world and fight there.

This event is tied to

  • 7 vendors with 7 different themes on transmogs, pets, mounts
  • 402 ilvl gear with armor and weapons. 
  • A new reputation faction, Soridormi  
  • 8 new cool trinkets 

The Eon´s Fringe area in Valdrakken is the area where you get slowed when entering. Well, now in 10.1.5 you will be able to hang out there. Here you will find a daily quest where you have to help so that the timeline will not change. 

Mega Dungeon:  Dawn of the Infinite

A new megadungeon is coming out that consists of 8 bosses. This Mythic-only mega-dungeon will take players across the timeways to stop the Infinite Dragonflight from succeeding. You will fight bosses like Iridikron, Tyr, the Infinite Timekeeper, Morchie is the alternate form of Chromie, One of the many battles between the Alliance and Horde and last boss Chrono-lord Deios. 

Dragonriding in Kalimdor

A new event is coming as well, called Kalimdor Cup, which is Dragonracing in Kalimdor. You will take your Dragon riding mounts outside the Dragon Isles and race with it in different zones of Kalimdor. These races are tied to cool achievements, and a new flightracing look. Check the calendar when it will be up so you do not miss it. 



Worgens had 11 different fur colors before 10.1.5 and now it is added 5 new fur colors. 4 of them are different patterns and one is an entire one color fur that we have never seen before. 

Mag´har Orc

A new eye color has been added to the Mag´har Orcs which is the orange eye color. 


The Warlock class is getting some new changes and auditions in patch 10.1.5. Warlocks will be able to become more races. These are:

Night Elves


Lightforged Draenei


Kul Tiran


Highmountain Tauren

Mag’har Orcs

Zandalari Trolls

Warlocks will get new pet customizations as well. All Warlock pets can also now be customized in the Barbershop. You can also unlock colors for your pets from looting and also a new Warlock Questline. 

Allied Races

Playing Allied Races have been locked behind requirements and these requirements have been reduced over time. Now in patch 10.1.5 we got another change which is very good. All requirements to play any Allied Race are removed except for one thing, you need to have a level 40 character. 

Mounts and Mount Riding

Learning Mount Riding

Paying gold to learn different types of riding is now removed. Instead, you will learn them automatically once you reach certain character levels. - Level 10 - Apprentice Riding- Level 20 - Journeyman Riding- Level 30 - Expert Riding- Level 40 - Master Riding

Alliance & Horde Mount

A new Horde mount and a new Alliance mount is also added into this patch. 

To get a faction mount, you must ding level 30 on a character, and when you do that, you will get a quest called “Time to Fly” which leads to the mount reward. 

Time Rift Mounts

There are 7 new mounts added to the Time Rift event from the Time Rift vendors. These mounts are recolored mounts from previous expansions.

Reins of the Quantum Courser 

Reins of the Quantum Courser is an is an Extremely Rare item that can drop from the last boss Chrono-Lord Deios in Dawn of the Infinite. It is a one time use item that will give you a random mount from one of the previous expansions. The mounts that we have seen so far are:

  • Reins of the Infinite Timereaver (Ursoc looted)
  • Cartels Master´s Gearglider (Leyst looted)
  • Marrowfang's Reins (Drgndeesnutz looted)
  • Midnight's Eternal Reins (Estal looted)

New Dragonriding Skin Color

A new Dragonriding skin color is coming for all 5 Dragonriding mounts called Infinite Scales. In the new Mega Dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, you will be able to loot Infinite Scales from the last boss and it has a very high chance of dropping.  

Speaking of Infinite Scales, you will also be able to get infinite Horns for your mounts as well. 


Many different types of transmogs are added in 10.1.5 via many different sources. 

Transmog Tracking 

One of the Features of this patch when it comes to transmogs, is Transmog tracking. You will be able to shift click on the collection tab and it will list up that transmog, where to get it from and also a path you can follow in order to reach that location where the transmog is. 

Legacy Crafting patterns

Lordaeron Patterns

It seems that you will be able to craft Tier 3 gear that was the gear we had way back in the days when Naxxramas was located on the Eastern Plague Land in  Eastern Kingdom back in vanilla WoW. You will also be able to craft weapons from the on Naxxramas as well. This crafting is tied to a big storyline with Naxxramas and also Scholomance and even go back in time and see how Scholomance was back in the days. The Argent Dawn buff  and Argent Dawn Valor Tokens are coming back in another form and you will farm Scourgestones again.  

Frozen Rune Gear 

Back in Wrath of the Lich king expansion we had a crafting pattern called “Frozen Gear set which had Frost Resistance on it, that players used back then. 

One of the crafting items needed, in order to craft this, was removed from the game and players could not craft them anymore. But in patch 10.1.5, these Frozen Runes are back. You will find these runes on walls inside the boss rooms of Naxxramas and it seems that you will be able to craft Frozen gear once again. 

Dire Maul and Wailing Caverns

We are getting back some legacy patterns that were removed from Dire Maul and Wailing Caverns. These patterns are for Leatherworking and Tailoring and you will learn them by finding those patterns inside those dungeons 

Time Rift Vendor

The Time Rift event will have 7 different vendors with transmogs. These transmogs are themes from the 7 different alternative Azeroth worlds tied to the event. For example the Azmourne world where the Scourge has taken over. And the Azmerloth world where the demons have taken over. You will be able to buy these transmogs buy collecting a currency called Paracausal Flakes which you get from doing the new Time Rift event coming in 10.1.5. 

Kalimdor Cup Reward

With the new Dragonracing in Kalimdor brings also a new vendor where you can buy an entire outfit of the Drake Racer ́s Silk. You can buy them with the badges that you get when completing Dragon Races. 

Quantum weapons

In the new Mega Dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, you will be able to loot Quantum weapons and Quantum armor from the last boss. These Quantum items will turn into a transmog that you have not collected, and it is a 100% loot chance from the last boss. 

Two new Zaralek Set Variants

Two new variants have been added of the Cavern Delver´s Gear , which is the Zaralek Cavern set. These two are the Dawn of the Infinite look, also called Bronze Dragonflight look, and the Time Rifts Look, also called Infinite Acolyte´s look. The full set of  Bronze Dragonflight looks can be obtained from the Time Rift Gear vendor and some pieces can also be obtained from the new megadungeon. The full set of the Infinite Acolyte´s look can be obtained by completing a dungeon achievement where no one is allied to die in the megadungeon on a full clear. You can also get 4 pieces from the actual dungeon, based on what type of armor you wear, those pieces will be different slots. 

Whelp Daycare

The dragons have more eggs than they can handle, so they've called in the crew at the Little Scales Daycare to help. The crew quickly finds itself overwhelmed and so has asked for a little help from their friends—you. You will get a new questline where you will help hatch and take care of 5 whelplings, one from each of the 5 dragonflights, black, blue, green, red and bronze. You will get new quests every day which are divided into main story and daily quests. The main storyline rewards the 5 different whelplings as pets and also 5 battlepets. The daily quests are also tied to achievements which reward a pet, a title and a toy. 

Gearing Updates in 10.1.5

We are getting some new changes when it comes to gear up in 10.1.5. 

There is a new vendor added to the Time Rift event where you will be able to buy veteran gear (402-424 ilvl) with new currencies tied to the Time Rift event. This gear consists of a full armor set and weapons. At the moment on the PTR, this gear cannot be transformed into Tier gear at that catalyst. 

The boss in the Time Rift Event has a chance to drop Veteran Gear (402-424 ilvl). This gear is the same gear that you get from the Time Rift Gear vendor. 

Seven vendors are added to the Time Rift event. Each vendor sells a trinket. The ilvl of these trinkets are Veteran Gear (402-424 ilvl). 

The new megadungeon is coming out as mythic hard mode and will drop Hero gear with rank ⅘  on it, which is 437 ilvl. Five new cool trinkets are added to the Megadungeon as well.

A new thing added to some of the gear in the megadungeon is new stats, called Divergent stats. There are 4 new stats added which are called Demonbane, Timestrike, Scourgebane and Spirit and gives you more power in some way. 

Mythic gear has been 441 ilvl and could not be upgraded until now. Upgrade has been added and called Myth. This Myth upgrade has 3 ranks starting at 441 ilvl at rank 1, 444 ilvl at rank 2 and 447 ilvl at rank 3. You upgrade Myth gear with Aspect´s Shadowflame Crest. 

There seems to be portals up in Dragon Isles (found at least one). where new rares have spawned, that drops 415 ilvl gear! Not part of the upgrade system. 

The loot is 100% once a day. The two items i found so far from a rare called Zalaqir the Chosen:

- One-Hand Sword

- Staff

- Two-Hand Mace


Third Evoker Spec

Evokers will get a new specialization called Augmentation. This is a support specialization in which you can buff up your teammates and they can also buff you up. 

Major Class Reworks

There are some classes and specializations that will be getting a bigger rework in patch 10.1.5 in the similar way as the Retribution Paladin got reworked. These are: 

  • Mage
  • Holy Paladin

Class tunings 

With a new patch also comes more class tuning. This time we are also getting class tuning because of the Onyx Annulet that is getting nerfed on 10.1.5 by 40% less damage. So some specific specializations are getting compensation for the extra damage loss. 

Extra Changes

We are also getting loads of extra changes here and there in patch 10.1.5. These are: 

Secret of Azeroth 

A new event called Secret of Azeroth is coming out as well. The lands are crawling with secrets. Rarities hidden, treasures stolen, clues discovered… Who is behind it all? That is our job to find out. We will get new secrets every day during this two week event. It comes out on August 31. This event is tied around rewards such as mounts, transmogs, title and pet. 


Back in 10.0.7, we got introduced to a rat inside the Zskera Vault. Roland the Recipe Rat. This rat leads to you learning how to make Deviled Eggs. Then in patch 10.1 we met him again in Zaralek Cavern which led to you learning how to make Charitable Cheddar and also got Roland the Rat as a pet. 

Now in patch 10.1.5, any of your characters can learn how to make these two cooking recipes. All you have to do is to summon your pet on your other characters. 

Legacy Raids

We have some improvements on legacy raids as well.

  • There is now a skip to directly to Garrosh on the Siege of Orgrimmar Raid by interacting with a banner next to Lorewalker Cho at the start of the raid
  • Solo queue for Shadowlands LFR Raids is coming out. Just talk to Ta´elfar, the NPC in Oribos enclave and choose what wing you want to enter. 

Welcome Back Gift 

All characters that are between level 10-60 and not logged in to for a while will get a Welcome back gift.  You will see if your character is eligible when you are on the loading screen by looking under your character name, which says “Gear Update”. You can also see it when you are on the loading screen and select your character. A new UI will popup “Gear Update” with an explanation. The Gear Update includes 

  • New Gear and bags
  • Clean up quest log
  • Teleport to your home city

The UI and Accessibility

  • Updated Action Bar animations for cooldowns, spell procs and interrupted casts. The new look makes it easier for you to track your cooldowns when using abilities. 
  • Action bar icons now show a cast bar while casting or channeling, and a green targeting circle when placing a targeted ability.
  • trinket status has been added to the right of the enemy’s frame.Bar icons, frame settings and Edit Mode  have been updated for Arenas. Also PvP 
  • Text-to-Speech now has options for Item Loot, Currency, and Money Loot chat messages.
  • Menu bar icons are updated and look great. 
  • You can now press a button to sell all junk (gray) items in your bag when talking to a vendor. 
  • New tab added on the Adventure guide where you will be able to check out what gear and set power gear you get from them. You can also check out different classes and specs.
  • You can now change the player and target icons to class icons instead. 
  • Garrison and Dalaran Hearthstones are now on the Toy collection tab. 
11 Jul 2023