EVERYTHING coming in Patch 10.1.7

The Dreamsurge Event

The Dreamsurge is a zone event in the Dragon Isles that rotates between four different zones: Waking Shores, Oh´naran Plains, Azure Span, and Thladraszus. Each week, the event will be active in one of these zones and last until the next weekly reset. You can identify which zone has the event by looking for the Dreamsurge icon.

Zone Buffs

While inside the Dreamsurge event zone, you will receive the "Dreaming Winds'' buff, which increases your XP gain by 25%. Every 30 minutes, players have the opportunity to vote for an additional buff from two options, which lasts for 30 minutes and provides a power boost to your character or increases the amount of gold you can find in the area.


Major Event: Waking Dream

The major event has two phases. In the first phase, you need to fill a progress bar by killing mobs, interacting with objects, and using your dragon riding mount to hit mobs in the air. In the second phase, you battle one of the four unique bosses. These events start every hour and half-hour.

When you defeat the final boss, you have a chance to obtain various items, including the Drake Fragments, Dreamsurge Coalescence (used as currency to purchase 402 Veteran Gear from a Dreamsurge vendor), and Charred Elemental Remains which is tied behind a  Renewed Magmammoth mount. 

Minor Event: Waking Dream Portals

During the Dreamsurge event, there are small portals scattered around the zone. When you interact with these portals, a tough enemy will appear. Defeating the elite mob grants you various rewards, including Dreamsurge Coalescence and a chance at obtaining the Drake Fragments, 402 Veteran Gear Token, or Charred Elemental Remains.


Dreamsurge Coalescence

Dreamsurge Coalescence serves as a currency to buy 402 veteran gear, pets, and mounts from a Dreamsurge vendor. Ways to obtain Dreamsurge Coalescence include looting it from the major event boss, elite mobs in the minor event, completing Dreamsurge event World Quests, looting Dreaming Growth flowers, and flying through green clouds in the Dreamsurge event zone.

Empowered Rares

In the Dreamsurge Event zone, you will encounter specific empowered rares with unique buffs. They have reduced spawn times during Dreamsurge events. Defeating an empowered rare grants you various rewards, including Dreamsurge Coalescence, Drake fragments, and a chance at obtaining the 402 Veteran Gear Token. These Gear tokens comes in leather, mail, plate and cloth and also for all gear slots except trinkets. 

Catch Up Gear

There are two vendors available during the Dreamsurge event: one vendor that sells 402 Veteran gear Tokens with the currency Dreamsurge Coalescence. Each token costs 100 Dreamsurge Cialescence. The other vendor sellls 415 Champion Gear for Dreamsurge Chrysalis each.  Dreamsurge Chrysalis can be earned from a weekly quest tied to the Dreamsurge event.

Mounts and Pets

There are two pets available for purchase from the Dreamsurge vendor: Cheddar and Crimson Swoglet. Both pets cost 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence each. There are also two mounts available in this event. The Renewed Magmammoth mount can be obtained by collecting 20 Charred Elemental Remains, while another mount is called Duskwing Ohuna and can be purchased from the Dreamsurge vendor for1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence.


There are two quests tied to the Dreamsurge event: Dreamsurge Investigation (a starting quest) and Shaping the Dreamsurge (a weekly quest). Completing the weekly quest will rewards you with a Dreamsurge Chrysalis, which can be used to purchase catch-up gear.

Heritage Armor Sets for Night Elves and Forsaken

Two new Heritage Armor sets are being added to World of Warcraft, one for Night Elves and one for Forsaken. These sets can be earned by leveling a new character of either race to level 50 and completing a brief quest. 

To get the new Forsaken Champion Heritage Armor, talk to Lilian Voss in the Ruins of Lordaeron and start the quest called "Unliving Summons." After finishing the quest, you'll receive the Forsaken Champion's Attire, which includes various pieces like chest, cloak, waist, feet, wrist, head, hands, legs, shoulder, and a new tabard.

To obtain the Night Elf Heritage Armor, you need to complete a special questline and earn the Kaldorei Protector's Adornment. This ensemble consists of various pieces like feet, chest, waist, head, shoulder, hand, legs, and wrist. As a bonus, players will also receive a new title.

Customization Options

In addition to the Heritage Armor sets, Night Elves and Forsaken will also receive new customization options. Forsaken players will have five new skin color variations to choose from, while Night Elves will have new options for face and body tattoos. These additional customization choices provide players with more ways to personalize and embrace their heritage.

Also, Draenei adventurers! Prepare for a revolution in customization. Unlock extraordinary options like the Man'ari Eredar skin color for elegance and uniqueness. Explore a spectrum of vibrant reds and captivating dark gray tones. Extend your creativity with exquisite hair and eye colors.


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Heroic Mode Mega Dungeon

In the "Dawn of the Infinite" dungeon, significant changes have been made to the mega-dungeon. Instead of one combined dungeon, it has been split into two separate dungeons: Galakrond's Fall and Murozond's Rise. These new dungeons are designed specifically for Heroic difficulty, providing players with an exciting challenge.

To access the Heroic difficulty of Galakrond's Fall and Murozond's Rise, players have two options. They can either use the Dungeon Finder feature to quickly join a group and enter the instance, or they can physically walk into the dungeon on their own.

Mythic Difficulty Continues

For players who still crave the intensity of the original Mythic difficulty, fear not. The Mythic difficulty version of the mega-dungeon will continue to exist, offering a formidable challenge for those seeking it.

Appearance & Rewards

The appearance of items obtained from the mega-dungeon on Heroic difficulty is identical to that of items obtained on Mythic difficulty. Quantum Mounts have a chance to drop as reward within the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon from the last boss.

Eastern Kingdom Cup

Patch 10.1.7 in World of Warcraft introduces a new event called the Eastern Kingdom Cup. This event allows players to participate in dragon riding races in various zones of the Eastern Kingdom. The Eastern Kingdom Cup begins on October 4th and ends on October 17th.

How to Participate in the Eastern Kingdom Cup

To start participating in the Eastern Kingdom Cup, players can either go directly to Eastern Kingdom and begin racing or take a starting quest called "The Eastern Kingdom Cup Introduction" in Valdrakken. Completing this quest also rewards 10 extra Riders of Azeroth Badges. During the Eastern Kingdom Cup, players can navigate their map to find different zones in Eastern Kingdom where races are taking place. Flags on the map indicate the location of each race, and players can also speak to the whelpling next to a race to track specific races.

Rewards for Eastern Kingdom Cup

Eastern Kingdom Cup offers several rewards for participants:

The Eastern Kingdom Cup vendor, Maztha, can be found in front of the Rostrum of Transformation in Valdrakken. Players can purchase the Drake Racer transmog and Drakewatcher manuscripts from this vendor using Riders of Azeroth Badges.

  • Drake Racer Transmog: This reward consists of 7 pieces that can be obtained by purchasing them from a vendor named Maztha in Valdrakken. The pieces can be obtained using the Riders of Azeroth Badge currency.

  • Drakewatcher Manuscripts: These manuscripts come in different types:

Velocidrake Teal Scales
Slitherdrake Blonde Hair
Slitherdrake Curved Nose Horn
Slitherdrake Yellow Scales
Slitherdrake Paired Horns
Slitherdrake Horned Brow
Slitherdrake Finned Cheek
Slitherdrake Shark Finned Tail
Wylderdrake Curled Head Horns



  • Title

Completing the Eastern Kingdom races with a Gold reward earns players the title "Eastern Kingdom Racer."

To clarify, it is important to note that Dragonriding mounts cannot be used for flying in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdom during the Cup events. They are exclusively limited to ground travel only during the actual race.

Challenge Course

Embark on an exciting adventure through the Dragon Isles and put your dragonriding race skills to the test on the thrilling new Challenge Course. This course will push your limits by challenging your abilities to succeed without the luxury of resource generation. You will have to master your own Vigor. The Challenge Course will take place in  Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, Azure Span and Thaldrazsus. Completing these new challenge courses with at least bronze will reward a new toy! This toy is called The Bronze Racer's Pennant. 

This delightful toy, with a cooldown of 5 minutes, will transport you to new heights of joy and exhilaration. When activated, you will transform into an adorable whelping and take to the skies, showcasing your dragonriding prowess "with style". While in whelping form, you will have the ability to hover gracefully, adding an extra touch of elegance to your airborne adventures.


Visage of the Infinite

Previously known as Infinite Scales Drakewatcher Manuscripts, the rewards obtained from the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon have been enhanced and renamed to Visage of the Infinite. These visages now include not only scales but also options for hair color, horn color, and eye color. Players who have already earned the Infinite Scales will automatically unlock the Infinite-themed hair, horn, and eye colors within the Rostrum of Transformation.

Hallow´s End 

Get ready for the spooky festivities of Hallow's End, where ghouls, goblins, and those seeking haunted mementos come together. Exciting new content awaits!

One notable addition is the Headless Horseman dungeon encounter, which can be made more challenging by activating new mechanics. To do this, players must interact with the Wicker men at the entrance. However, the curses that make the encounter tougher only affect those who choose to enable them, rather than the entire party.

Now, let's dive into the rewards associated with Hallow's End:

Windborne Velocidrake: Hallow's End Armor

By obtaining the Drakewatcher Manuscript, players can unlock the customization option of Hallow's End Armor for their Windborne Velocidrake at the Rostrum of Transformation.

Bucket of Morbid Treats

A new cosmetic for the off-hand slot called the "Bucket of Morbid Treats" has been introduced to the Hallow's End event of 2023. Players can purchase it from the Hallow's End vendor for 150 Tricky Treats. However, please note that this appearance can only be used during Hallow's End.


New Story

Prepare yourself for an immersive and thrilling adventure as Hallow's End introduces a brand new questline that not only sets the stage for the event, but also guides us into the captivating depths of the newly revamped Scarlet Monastery.

Other Event-Themed Dragon customizations

In the upcoming patch 10.1.7, players will have access to new Drakewatcher Manuscripts featuring themes from various World of Warcraft events. It's worth noting that each manuscript is tailored specifically to its respective dragonriding mount.

As of now, it's unclear how players will acquire these manuscripts, but given their association with a WoW event, it's highly possible that they'll either be obtainable as a boss drop or through purchasing from an event vendor.

Renewed Proto-Drake: Brewfest Armor

By obtaining the Drakewatcher Manuscript, players can unlock the customization option of Brewfest Armor for their Renewed Proto-Drake at the Rostrum of Transformation.

Starts: 2023/09/20
Ends: 2023/10/06

Highland Drake: Pirates' Day Armor

By obtaining the Drakewatcher Manuscript, players can unlock the customization option of Pirates' Day Armor for their Highland Drake at the Rostrum of Transformation.

Starts: 2023/09/19
Ends: 2023/09/20

Cliffside Wylderdrake: Day of the Dead Armor

By obtaining the Drakewatcher Manuscript, players can unlock the customization option of Day of the Dead Armor, for their Cliffside WylderDrake at the Rostrum of Transformation.

Starts: 2023/11/01
Ends: 2023/11/03

New Ping system

Introducing the Ping System, a revolutionary communication tool that allows you to effortlessly coordinate with your team members, eliminating the need for voice or text chat. By simply holding down the G key you can access the intuitive ping wheel, granting you swift access to essential commands such as Attack, Assist, Warning, and On My Way. Additionally, you can send context-specific pings by combining the G key with clicking on enemies, the ground, or unit frames. Note: If you already have the G key assigned to another function, the Ping entry under Keybindings will be unbound.

UI Updates

  • Added a “Sell All Junk” button to vendors.
  • Made the scroll bar more noticeable in the Dragon Isles Summary window.
  • Added an animation for new mail icon.
  • Battle.net quest icon has been updated.
  • Increased Party Lead icon size in Dungeon and Raid queue prompts.
  • Messages that are potentially offensive or harassing, sent from players who are not on your friends list, will now be automatically concealed. A warning message will pop up, giving you the choice to view the message despite its potentially problematic content. Should you choose to reveal the whisper, you will have the option to report the offending player directly from the message itself, simplifying the reporting process. To access and adjust this feature, navigate to Options > Social > Censor Messages.


13 Aug 2023