Enlightened Reputation from Story line and Side quests and skipping the Storyline

We are getting a lot of reputation from the new storyline “Secrets of the First Ones” and also from all the side quests.

The storyline has 7 chapters, and we get access to 3 chapters when 9.2 hits live the first week. After that we get 1 chapter each week.

Completing chapters 1-3 on the first week will reward 1850 reputation.

Completing the side quests in Zereth Mortis rewards 525 reputation.

In total, you will get 2375 reputation during the first week of completing main story line and side quests in Zereth Mortis.

Skipping the Storyline

Once you have completed the first 3 chapters on a character, then you can skip those chapters on your alts. When talking to Tal-Inara in Oribos, you can choose that you have been in Zereth Mortis before. 

When you do this skip, you will start directly with chapter 3/7. 
You will also have Pocopoc unlocked. 

The problem by doing this skip is that you will lose all reputation that you would have gotten if you did the storylines. 

Meaning, you lose 1850 reputation when doing the skip. 

The sidequests will be available, which rewards 525 reputation. 



Unlock 226 Conduits  fast

The reputation vendor sells an item called Font of Ephemeral Power, which gives you all conduits for your character and also raises the ilvl of them to 226 ilvl. 

To get this item, you need to reach friendly with the Enlightened. 

When you enter Zereth Mortis you will be Neutral with the Enlightened and you need 3000 reputation to reach friendly and buy this item. But completing the main story line and side quests will get you very close to reaching friendly. 


5 Feb 2022