Draenor Dungeon Event Guide

This week will be the dungeon event guide in which we can get loads of reputation from Draenor reputation factions.
Now, before you start checking what rep you can get from this weekly event I want to tell you that following factions are NOT included:

  • Vol'jin's Spear/Wrynn's Vanguard
  • Vol'jin's Headhunters/Hand of the Prophet
  • Order of the Awakened
  • The Saberstalkers

However, I´ve made reputation guides on those factions and you can find it here.

Now, during this event you will get a buff called Sign of the Emissary.
This buff makes that you get reputation from heroic and mythic Draenor dungeons.
Different dungeons rewards different reputation for different factions.
You gain reputation whenever you kill mobs in the dungeon and 400 rep for each boss killed.  

Here is the list of what reputation is linked to what dungeon:

Arrakoa Outcast Reputation


Council of Exarchs (alliance) / Frostwolf Orcs (horde) Reputation

Grimrail Depot
Iron Docks
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Sha'tari Defense (alliance) / Laughing Skull Orcs (horde) Reputation

The Everbloom

Steamwheedle Preservation Society Reputation

Bloodmaul Slag Mines
Upper Blackrock Spire

Don’t forget to take the weekly event quest in your Garrison

The event quest during Draenor dungeon event wants you to complete 4 mythic Draenor dungeons and rewards Iron Fleet Treasure Chest.

8 Feb 2016