Dragonflight - New Heirloom in Pre-Patch

There is a new Heirloom added in Pre-Patch, called Unstable Elemental Confluence. 

This heirloom is a trinket that any class/spec can use. You get a primary stat based on what class you are. 

When equipped: “Your spells and abilities have a chance to usher in primal magics, dealing damage to enemies and buffing allies."

You can use this trinket between level 1-49, but it is stated on the trinket that it can be upgraded once. 

How to get the new Heirloom trinket Unstable Elemental Confluence

It says that it comes from a World Event: Primal Storms, which is most likely the Pre-patch event (this trinket can also be found in the PTR Pre-Patch version).

You need to gather and then combine following items:

  • Dimmed Primeval Fire
  • Dimmed Primeval Water
  • Dimmed Primeval Storm
  • Dimmed Primeval Earth

Once combined, it will become an Unstable Elemental Confluence trinket. 

13 Oct 2022