Dragonflight Beta Development Notes - Phase 9

his week’s Beta update includes the following additions. With this update, the Crafting Orders system is not yet fully enabled. It will become available for testing with Beta hotfixes soon.


  • Crafting Orders
    • We are happy to introduce the final addition to revamped professions – Crafting Orders. This is a new system which allows everyone to send orders to have specific items crafted for them, including epic soulbound equipment. Once a crafter fulfills an order, it will be sent to the customer in the mail.
    • Crafting Orders will be initially accessible on the Tyrhold realm only, and will be enabled on the Valdrakken realm at a later date.
    • You will find that the Crafting Order Clerks standing on the overlook above The Artisan’s Market in Valdrakken will now accept your crafting orders. Should you wish to try sending a crafting order, speak with one of them. You will be able to browse for an item you wish to order, customize it as you see fit, write a (courteous) message, and post the order. By default, your order will be public, allowing any appropriately knowledgeable crafter on your realm to fulfill it. You can also choose to send a guild order or a personal order to someone in particular with the right profession.
    • For all the crafters out there, this is now your chance to begin filling orders. Find any crafting table for your profession in the Dragon Isles (there are many within the Artisan’s Market in Valdrakken), and either right click the table or open your recipes manually. You will find that the Crafting Orders tab along the bottom of your recipe is accessible. From there, you can search or browse public, guild, and any personal orders you may have received. Once you’ve claimed the order, you can provide any missing reagents, craft the item in question, fill out a (courteous) message back to your customer and complete the order, collecting your commission.
    • We are looking forward to your thoughts and feedback, particularly how understandable and convenient you find the experience. Happy ordering and crafting!


  • Removed the ability for players who have not started Threads of Fate to access the system.
    • Developers’ notes: The goal with Threads of Fate was to help alleviate the linear path of Shadowlands for alts as it was the only way for players to level from 50 to 60. Now that Shadowlands has been moved into Chromie time and Chromie Time’s level cap has been increased to 60, players have a multitude of methods to reach level 60. Players currently in Threads of fate can continue through it, but the option will not be available for any new characters.
    • We do not have plans to do similar removals with Dragonflight’s Adventure Mode in future expansions. Threads of Fate is a choice to use in Shadowlands and irreversibly changes a player’s character once it is chosen. It previously created two different experiences of Shadowlands, which would double to four with both of the level up and Threads of Fate being accessible within Chromie time. Adventure Mode in Dragonflight is an overlay to the level up experience and is always on once it is earned regardless of decisions the player makes.
27 Oct 2022