Dragonflight - All Dungeons

There are 8 new dungeons coming out in Dragonflight. The names of the dungeons are following:

Brackenhide Hollow

Halls of Infusion


Ruby Life Pools 

Tazalgeth Academy

The Azure Vault

The Nokhud Offensive

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Mythic plus dungeons in Dragonflight

There will be some changes when it comes to Mythic plus dungeons in Dragonflight in which some are similar to Season 4 dungeons in Shadowlands. 

At the start of the expansion (Season 1) we are getting 4 of the new dungeons together with 4 old dungeons (8 in total). 

In Season 2, we are instead getting the other 4 Dragonflight dungeons, together with 4 older dungeons (8 in total). 

Then it will rotate. 

Two returning dungeons will be Court of Stars and Temple of the Jade Serpent.


14 Jul 2022