Dragonflight 10.0.5 PTR Development Notes 20 Dec

The Dragonflight 10.0.5 PTR update is now live.
Added a few extra notes to the update below:


    • Multiple charge cooldowns will now list the time of when next charge will be available
    • Track recipe checkbox is available for recrafting
    • Enchanting items will now display an “Enchantment” prefix text in the Crafted Items window
    • Added “Use Highest Quality Reagent” checkbox to customer
    • Added option to reject an order by right-clicking on it under Personal orders tab
    • “Open All” for crafting order mail will now auto-delete the mail after receiving the item.
  • Overload Elemental Deposit and Overload Elemental Herb has been slightly redesigned:
    • Overloading cooldown is no longer modified by gathering mining or herb nodes.
    • Overload is now taught to all Miners and Herbalists after collecting their first Elemental themed node.
    • Mastering the Elements unlock point now restores Overload cooldown reduction functionality.
      • Developers’ note: Overload offers the occasional moment to allow gatherers to not only change up their gameplay, but also to gain a nice bonus of extra elemental reagents. Requiring a specialization investment to engage with the system felt too restrictive and also did not offer all Gatherers the same opportunity to try something new. By shifting the cooldown reduction onto the unlock point and unlocking the spell for all Gatherers, everyone has an opportunity to participate but also get a better understanding of what the feature is offering before investing points into the specialization tree.


    • Added XP Bars
    • Added Bags
    • Added Micro Button Bar
  • Bank bags background color has been adjusted to be different from inventory bags.
  • Minimap target icon border will be suppressed while in combat.
  • Audio Channels and Audio Cache Size options have been moved down in the Options > Audio menu.
    • Added “Copy build” button to player Inspect panel
    • “Reset All Talents” buttonwill reset one tree at a time
  • Matchmaking value is added to the scoreboard for Rated Solo Shuffle.
  • Dragonriding world quests have a new icon.
  • Dragonriding Motion Sickness controls have been added to the Options > Accessibility panel.
    • Focal Circle: Adding a focal circle crosshair to the center of the players screen that helps players focus on a more restricted area to address motion sickness.
    • Landscape Darkening: Apply a darkening effect around the outside of the screen as the player accelerates.
20 Dec 2022