Dragon Isles Knowledge Points - Profession GUIDE

Dragon Isles Knowledge are points that you use on your profession specialization talent tree.

Based on what profession you have, you will get points specifically for that profession. So the name changes a bit:

  • Dragon Isles Alchemy Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Blacksmithing Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Enchanting Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Engineering Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Inscription Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles JewelcraftingKnowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Leatherworking Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Herbalism Knowledge 
  • Dragon Isles Mining Knowledge
  • Dragon Isles Tailoring Knowledge 

One Dragon Isles Knowledge equals one point to add in the profession specialization talent tree. 

Where to get Dragon Isles Knowledge

Artisan´s Consortium vendor

There is a reputation vendor NPC called Rabul, who is located in Valdrakken in Thaldraszus (see map). 

This vendor sells items that give 15 Dragon Isles Knowledge.
- The first one you can buy costs 100 Artisan´s Mettle and requires that you have 25 skill points in your profession.
- The second one you can buy costs 200 Artisan´s Mettle and requires that you have a Valued reputation with the Artisan´s Consortium.
- The third one you can buy costs 300 Artisan´s Mettle and requires that you have an Esteemed reputation with the Artisan´s Consortium.

Here are the names of the items based on your profession. 

  • Dusty Alchemist´s Research
  • Dusty Skinner´s Notes
  • Dusty Tailor´s Diagrams
  • Dusty Enchanter´s Research
  • Dusty Herbalist´s Notes
  • Dusty Scribe´s Runic Drawings
  • Dusty Blacksmith´s Diagram´s
  • Dusty Miner´s Notes
  • Dusty Engineer's Scribblings
  • Dusty Jeweler´s Illustrations
  • Dusty Leatherworker´s Diagrams

Dragon Shard of Knowledge

This is an item that you turn in to The Master Artisan, called Khadin and located in Ohn´aran Plains. West of Maruukai. See map. He is inside the cave.

Once you have completed the pre-quest, you will unlock the turning in Dragon Shard of Knowledge. Turning in a Dragon Shard of Knowledge, will reward you with 

  • 25 Artisan´s Mettle
  • 1 Dragon Isles Knowledge of your profession.

Profession Crafting

Everytime you craft something that you never crafted before, you will be rewarded with 1 Dragon Isles Knowledge point. 

Weekly Profession Quest

Your profession trainer in the Valdrakken city has a weekjly quest for you. In general it requires you to give some materials you have gathered. 

This weekly quest rewards 3 Dragon Isles Knowledge points to that specific profession. 

Example of quest (click to enlarge)


5 Oct 2022