Demon Hunter Specs And Skills

The Demon Hunter will have specs that other classes have. However, there are 2 specs instead of 3.

  • Havoc                                      The Melee DPS Spec
  • Vengeance                               The Tanking Spec

The resource bar is Demonic Fury.
Some abilities build up Demonic Fury others costs Demonic Fury.

Some different abilities 

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Fel Rush
Rush Forward dealing dmg to all enemies in your path.
Have multiple charges

Chaos Strike
A Brutal attack that strikes all enemies in front of you

Chaos Nova
Unleash an eruption of fel energy, stunning all nearby enemies for 5s.

Eye Beam
Blast target and any enemies near the target doing dmg over time
Ranged spell

Spectral Sight (Awesome in PvP)
Can see enemies through physical barriers and those stealthed and invisible.

Vengeful Retreat (Awesome in PvP and PvE)
Vault back and avoid the next attack or spell directed to you.

Double Jump
You jump once and in they air you can jump again.