DAUSEGNE Fast Tactics


  • You will fight boss that spawns an add several times during the entire fight.
  • Off tank on add and tank swap every time add spawns or dies.
  • Take add to the edge of the platform because it makes the tank drop a set of 3 pools continuously. Tank boss on add.
  • Stand close to boss to easier dodge the cone dmg she does on random location.
  • Two players stands on the line when a player is marked with an arrow to share dmg.
    Heroic mode – leaves a debuff so have a soak rotation.
  • There are 4 pillars. When boss has 0 mana it will drain a pillar. During this time she has a shield on her that must be broken fast. Healers must use healing cooldowns for the heavy raid dmg.
  • Drained pillars will be activated by boss to shoot out a dark wave that passes through the entire platform. You start with 1 already drained pillar at pull.
  • When a wave passes through you, you will take dmg and a debuff that makes you take increased dmg from wave. Make sure that the debuff is gone before the next wave passes through you.
    Mages can blink through the wave without taking dmg/debuff.
    Night Fae can use covenant blink through the wave without taking dmg/debuff.
  • When there are 2-4 drained pillars, the boss will activate them after each other in different orders. Check out tactics below. You can also see wave order by looking at the dark orbs she shoots at the pillars. The fastest orb will hit first and you can see the speed of which one will hit second etc.
16 Feb 2022