There are different ways to farm cyphers in Zereth Mortis and I listed up all the ways on the website before 9.2 went live.

Now after it came out, we see much more players in that zone compared to PTR of course. So I didn’t know about it until this week.

Are you ready to check out the super-fast speedy speed way to grind those cyphers. Let´s check it out.

There are two rares in Zereth Mortis that you pick between, which are the Mother Spider, which is located here. Or Akkaris which is located here.

Spider rare is becoming the main the last days because arrack spawns every 2nd day and spider spawns every day.

Spider drops all this

  • 210 anima
  • 4 Cyphers of the first ones
  • 6 Silken Protofiber

Akkaris drops all this

  • 140 anima
  • 4 Cyphers of the first ones
  • 4 Protoflesh

Go to the location of either spider or akkaris

Open the Group finder , then Premade groups and on the search bar you type either mother for spider or akkaris for akkaris.

You will see many groups for that rare.

Join a group, kill the rare then leave group.

Que up again and join for a new group then kill the rare again.

You will get the same amount of loot every time.

The only loot that is daily are the sandworn relics that these 2 rares drop as well.

By farming cyphers this way, you will get 3 cyphers per minute! Crazy.

By farming anima this way, and you farm Mother, you will get 150 anima per minute!

By farming Silken Protofiberthis way, you will get 4 Silken Protofiber

per minute!

By farming Protoflesh this way, you will get 3 Protoflesh per minute!

4 Mar 2022