Summary of what you need to know about gems and enchants on WoD

About Enchants

This will be your main customization for your char. There are only 4 slots that can be enchanted:


The new thing is that these enchants increase only the secondary stat (Crit, Haste, Mastery, Multistrike, Versatility) instead of mix between secondary and primary (int, stam etc).

There are two types of enchants for neck back and rings:

  • Breath of…                          This enchant is cheaper and also gives fewer stats.

                                                    Costs 1x  Luminous Shard


  • Gift of….                            This enchant is more expensive and gives more stats.

                                                    Costs 4x  Temporal Crystal + 3x  Sorcerous Air, 3x Sorcerous Earth,  

                                                    3x Sorcerous  Fire, or 3x Sorcerous Water.    

Yes, as you can see,that the Air, earth, wind and fire motes back. Well, now they are called Sorcerous.

The weapon enchants are little different. They have a unique secondary stat that procs, or bleed the target.

They cost 15  Temporal Crystal plus 10x Sorcerous Air, 10x Sorcerous Earth, 10x Sorcerous Fire, or 10x Sorcerous Water

Click here to see more details about exact enchants.


About Gems

Not a main customization for your char like enchants are but needed for good Gameplay.

You must know that not all gear will have gem sockets.

You must also know that gem socket colors are now gone. Instead it will be one type which are called
Prismatic sockets.

Each gem color is tied to a specific secondary stat

These are also in to types (just like enchants): Uncommon quality and rare quality.

Uncommon quality:                These are less expensive.
                                               Gives +35 on stamina or secondary stat
                                               Costs 1x Taladite Crystal plus 5x Fireweed, 5x Frostweed,
                                               5x  Starflower, 5x Nagrand Arrowbloom, 5x Talador Orchid,
                                               or 5x Gorgrond Flytrap.

Rare Quality                            More expensive
                                              Gives +50 on stamina or secondary stat
                                              Costs 50x Taladite Crystal plus 10x Sorcerous Air plus 5x
                                              Fireweed, 5x Frostweed, 5x Starflower, 5x Nagrand

                                              Arrowbloom, 5x Talador Orchid, or 5x Gorgrond Flytrap.

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Instead of primary stat, food will now give a secondary stat, which I think is awesome!
Same here, Food comes in 2 types.

Less expensive                            +50 secondary stat (or 75 Stamina)
More Expensive                          +75 secondary stat (or 112 Stamina)

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