BEST Crafting Gear for Mage Tower Timewalking

When it comes to Timewalking Mage Tower gear, then it is all about sockets on the gear. 

Legion Mage Tower Timewalking will scale down gear to ilvl 50, which means that primary stats on the gear gets scaled a lot. But the gems that you can add on socketed gear will be very high compared to the stats of the gear that is scaled. 

That said, socketed gear will have a huge power. worldofmoudi has done previous guides on what gear you should go for for legion timewalking mage tower. This guide however, are for those that want to craft or buy crafted gear instead. The power difference on this gear compared to your level 60 shadowlands geared character will be higher. But compared to other socketed items that you can get, it will be lower. 

The gear is called Crafted Dreadful Gladiator Gear and crafted by Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking.

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator Gear can also be bought or sold on the auction house.

What is so special with Crafted Dreadful Gear

The Crafted Dreadful Gear has sockets on the gear with a socket bonus as well. 

The head piece has a prismatic socket and a Meta socket.
The other pieces hace 1-2 prismatic sockets on them. 

Who can wear Crafted Dreadful Gladiator Gear

This crafted gear is made for classes. 

Since this came out in Mist of Pandaria expansion, you can make gear for the classes that were available during that time. 

Meaning, all classes except for Demon Hunters. 

How to change the ilvl on the Dreadful Gladiator Gear

When you craft a dreadful gear, it will become ilvl 39. 

The ilvl can be changed before you craft it by using item called Relic of the Past. 

There are 5 ranks of Relic of the Past and the item will set the gear to a certain ilvl if it has Optional Reagent to add on it. 

  • Rank 1 sets the ilvl too 19
  • Rank 2 sets the ilvl too 28
  • Rank 3 sets the ilvl too 39
  • Rank 4 sets the ilvl too 48
  • Rank 5 sets the ilvl too 54

So basically, when crafting the Dreadful gear, you will use the Rank 4 Relic of the Past to set the ilvl to 48. 

1 Dec 2021