Council of Dreams - Raid Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

You will fight a bear (Urctos), a green girl (Aerwynn) and a flying creature (Pip). 

They must all die at the same time otherwise they will heal up.

All three bosses has a special ability when reaching 100 energy.

Urctos starts with highest energy from the start of the fight. 

Aerwynn starts with middle energy from the start of the fight. 

Pip starts with lowest energy from the start of the fight. 

Urctos 100 energy

Channnels “Blinding Rage” that does loads of dmg to the raid. 
To stop this, a player that becomes a duck must run into Urctos to cancel his ability. 

Aerwynn 100 energy

Grabs all players with green vines that slows and does dmg over time.
To stop this, the tank must aim Urctos charge so it will hit Aerwynn to cancel her ability. 

Pip 100 energy

Starts chanelling a song that puts an absorb shield on all players. To remove the shield, players must run in to a green pool on the ground that does dmg and removes the shield. 

Rest of the fight

Urctos charge on tank will be handled in two ways. 

The charge must be soaked by players (melee) so stand on tank and take the charge hit. Players soaking gets a debuff so same players cannot soak every time. 

Players with circle debuff (poisonous Javelin) must run away from raid and wait until they get dispelled before they ruin back in. 

Players that become ducks must run and clear green pools. You will get two action bars, one that memes you run fast and the other one will become available later and using that transforms you back again. You will be transformed back again after a while as well. 

Urctoc does a frontal cleave hit, beware tank position and melee. 
17 Sep 2023