Council of Dornagal Renown Guide

Renown Rewards

Profession and Crafting

Profession Knowledge
Renown 12

Enchanted Runed Harbinger Crest
Renown 25


Weathered Harbinger Crests
Renown 2 

Carved Harbinger Crests
Renown 11, 19, 24


Renown 7 - 571 ilvl gear (Veteran)
Renown 16 - 584 ilvl gear (Champion)

Enchanted Runed Harbinger Crest
Renown 25


Restored Coffer Key
Renown 3, 7, 12, 17, 22

Treasure Trove Key
Renown 24

Theater Event

Unlocks at Renown 4
Renown 6 - Speed Boost during event
Renown 9 - Extra points
Renown 14 - You can use costumes from the chest even not during the event.
Renown 21 - You get more Resonance Crystal from event. 


Renown 5 (Back)Renown 10 (Tabard)
Renown 15 (Shoulders)

Earth-Encrusted Gem
Renown 8, 20


Between Dornagal to Azj´Kahet at Renown 11. 

Mounts & Pets

Loamy pet at Renown 13
Shale Ramolith mount at Renown 18
Cinderbee mount at Renown 23

Where is Renown Vendor located

The Renown vendor NPC is called Auditor Balwurz and is located in Foundation Hall in Dornagal in Isle of Dorn. 

How to gain Reputation with Council of Dornagal

  • Main Storyline

You will get 3 full Renowns in total by completing the 3 chapters in Isle of Dorn. This is once per account (Warbound account). 

  • Side Quests

There are side quests scattered around Isle of Dorn. You will not get reputation when completing a quest but instead you will get rewarded with reputation at the end of the mini-storylines. Not all side quests will reward reputation at the end. This is once per account (Warbound account).

  • Rares

All rares that are level 80 will drop 150 reputation when looted. This is once per rare and per account (Warbound account).

  • Treasures

All one-time treasures will have 150 reputation when loosted. This is once per treasure and per account (Warbound account).

  • Delves

updated 2024-07-06
There are 4 zones and each zone has a renown tied to it. Based on which zone you complete a delve in, you will get reputation for that renown. For example if you complete a delve in Isle of Dorn, you will get 1000 reputation with Council of Dornagal. However, you will only get 1000 reputation once a week from each zone and it only comes from an epic chest. 

  • World Quest

Completing World Quests in Isle of Dorn rewards reputation. 

  • Special Assignement

There are 2 Special Assignments per week in two random zones. The assignment is to complete 3 World Quests and then you will get an elite quest to complete in that zone as well. Once completed you will be rewarded with a Pinnacle Cache that also contains 200 reputation with the zone that had the special assignment. 

  • Theatre Event

Completing the Theatre Quest Event once a week will reward reputation. 

  • Worldsoul Weekly Quest

Weekly Outdoor quest where you will choose what content to do.

Similar to Aiding the accord in Valdrakken, Dragonflight. we will be able to choose what kind of weekly quest activity we want to do in The War Within. You take this quest from Faerin Lothat (/way 46,03.49.57). Completing this weekly quest will reward a cache that contains Veteran Gear, 15 Harbinger Crest and 200 reputation with the faction you picked to help. 

  • Weekly Dungeon Quest

Complete the weekly dunbgeon quest that you get from Biergoth in Dornagal (/way 46,74. 48.31). You will be able to choose 1500 reputation with any of the faction

  • Contract

(Updated 24-06-21) You can buy a conctract from the actionhouse or from an inscription. This will give you extra reputation when completing world quests in the entire Khaz Algar. 

  • Lore Objects

(Updated 24-06-22

These are loreobject that you interact with. They look like a magnifying glass icon on the minimap when you are close to the object. 

There are 5 lore objects in each zone and each lore object rewards reputation when you interact with it. Based on what zone the lore object is located, you will get reputation with that renown faction tied to that zone. When it comes to Azj-Kahet, you will get 85 reputation for each pact reputation faction and 250 reputation with The Severed Threads. When it comes to the other 3 renown factions, you will get 250 reputation for each lore object. 

Here are all the lore object locations. 

10 Jun 2024