Combat Commands

cancelaura - Cancels (turns off) an aura you have.
cancelqueuedspell - /cancelqueuedspell,/cqs - Cancels casting of the spell you have in the queue.
cancelform - Cancels your current shapeshift form.
cast - /cast,/spell,/use - Uses the given item or casts the given spell.
castglyph - ? Untested
castrandom - /castrandom,/userandom - Casts a random spell from the given list.
castsequence - Casts the given spells in sequential order.
changeactionbar - Changes your current action bar page.
duel - Challenge another player to a duel
forfeit - /forfeit,/yield,/concede - Forfeit a duel.
pvp - Sets whether or not you are attackable by other players.
startattack - Turns on auto-attack.
stopattack - Turns off auto-attack.
stopcasting - Stops casting or channeling.
swapactionbar - Swaps between two given action bars.