Class Order Halls Introduction

The Aftermath of the adventure of the Broken Shore, our world is in flames.
We are struggling to survive the face of the Legion threat that will overwhelm and destroy us all if we don’t stop it.
The Alliance and Horde will not just come together and work together in the ways that need to happen to overcome this threat.

Instead, it’s Classes that actually ban together to face this existential threat.
Whether its ancient orders like the silver hands or Lights hope Travel or the Mages of Dalaran, they are coming together working together as a class to save the world and do what is needed to be done.

Of course they look to you as their leader, because you are the one that just retrieved a fabled artifact weapon with tremendous power such as Ashbringer, or Doomhammer etc.

The Legion expansion has a big focus on Class Identity.
Different classes will have different allies, and different powers to call upon on the process, but the goal is for all classes, to defeat the Legion.

The Order Halls represents a base of operations for your class (a private club house) that you share with other members of your class.
It is a shared space were you will see others of the same class running around. NOT like Garrison that was private.

These Halls will be in locations that are appropriate for the class.

After you have found your Artifact weapon, this will be your next task, to establish an Order Hall.

  • Shamans will be in a cave, overlooking the Maelstrom at a point where all the elements comes together, were lightning crackles on the sky overhead.
  • Paladins will discover a hidden Templar Sanctum beneath Light´s Hope Chapel.
  • Warlocks Order Hall will be on a Legion Portal world were only they can travel.

Screenshots of Paladin Class Order Hall beneath Light´s Hope Chapel.

Every class will have their own unique space with unique functions.

  • To customize and upgrade your artifact
  • Certain special quests available to you.
  • You will have Champions of your own class
  • Instead of loads of followers, you will only have the best of the best of the best.
  • They will have more customization and more integration with the world
  • The champions will not do things instead of you, instead enabling you to go out to the world
    Example 1) They maybe discover a lair that you go to yourself to investigate.
    Example 2) You send them to a zone that will give you bonuses when you adventure that zone and completing objectives there.