Guide to Obtaining Transmog Civilian Ensembles in World of Warcraft: The War Within

In the new expansion, The War Within, World of Warcraft introduces a variety of Transmog Civilian Ensembles. These ensembles are available in seven different types and come in various colors. This guide will provide you with information on how to acquire these ensembles and the currencies required for purchase.


Step 1: Understanding Transmog Civilian Ensembles

Transmog Civilian Ensembles are cosmetic sets that allow players to change the appearance of their characters' gear. There are seven types of ensembles available:

  • Civilian Adventurer
  • Civilian Craft person
  • Civilian Laborer
  • Civilian Merchant
  • Civilian Noble
  • Civilian Peasant
  • Civilian Scholar

Each ensemble represents a different role or profession within the civilian world.



Step 2: Pre-Requisites for Purchasing Ensembles

Before reaching renown level 8, you can purchase the ensembles using Resonance Crystals, a new currency found on Dragon Isle. However, these ensembles are quite expensive, costing nearly 10,000 Resonance Crystals.

Step 3: Unlocking Earth-Crusted Gems

Once you reach renown level 8, a new currency called Earth-Crusted Gems will be unlocked. These gems will be used to purchase the Transmog Civilian Ensembles from the vendor NPC, Osidion. Earth-Crusted Gems will replace Resonance Crystals as the currency for buying these ensembles.

Step 4: Purchasing Transmog Civilian Ensembles

Visit Osidion, the vendor NPC located in Dornagal on the Isle of Dorn. Speak to Osidion and browse through the available Transmog Civilian Ensembles. Each ensemble will cost 1 Earth-Crusted Gem. Choose the ensemble that suits your character's desired appearance and purchase it from Osidion.

5 Jun 2024