Character Commands

dismount - Dismounts your character
equip - /equip, /eq - Equip an item to its default slot.
equipset - /equipset - Change equipped items to a set stored in the Equipment Manager
equipslot - Equip an item to a specific slot.
friend - /friend,/friends - Adds a player to your Friends list.
follow - /f,/follow,/fol - Set yourself to follow the selected target
ignore - Adds a player to your ignore list
inspect - /ins,/inspect - Opens the Inspection interface of the selected target.
leavevehicle - Allows your character to exit their current vehicle.
randompet - Summons a random companion pet (non-combat pet).
removefriend - /removefriend,/remfriend - Removes a friend from your friend list.
settitle - Sets the active title for your character.
trade - Opens the trade interface with your current target.
unignore - Removes a player from your ignore list
usetalents - Swap to a saved talent spec.