Change The Look On Your Artifact

The base weapon has the look we all know and love. Then there is an upgraded version of the base style, as well as variants such as an Ashbringer made out of fire, shadow, or lightning

There is an own menu in which you can upgrade different looks and colors of your Artifact weapon. 
The weapon is an expression of the character you want to play. Things that you value and accomplished in the world.

These different looks to your weapon are things you will be able to unlock through a large variety of needs. You unlock different looks when

  • Leveling up your weapon
  • Raiding
  • PvP
  • Achievements
  • Questlines
  • Hitting max level

When hitting max level, you will get a quest that is a start of a quest line involving outdoor content, interacting with major factions in Legion and also some dungeon content. When completing this quest line, the reward will be:
* Unlocking some new Traits
* Unlock a new model for your weapon.

At endgame, there are several questlines that specializes in different content, which rewards unlocking new models.