What will come in patch 9.1 - Chains of Domination

Major Story quests including a lot of the main characters of the Shadowlands that are centered most specifically around the designs and plans of the Jailer and his attacks on our allies in our Covenants.

We will be taking revenge by taking the fight directly to the Jailer in the Maw and forming a permanent presence there with all 4 Covenants.

We´ll be exploring some never-before-seen sections of the Maw including the new area known as Korthia and its various mysteries.

We will be taking the fight to the Jailer himself in the new Raid, Sanctum of Domination, which has the final boss as Sylvannas Windrunner.  

Updates for Torghast including some never-before-seen wings, floors, creatures, and powers.

A new Mega dungeon will be introduced, themed around brokers as a floating Broker trading City with new bosses to fight there and some very unique loot to obtain.

Conduit and Soulbind systems will expand and adding additional choice and power to your character in your Covenant.

Brand new Covenant rewards, including Covenant-Themed flying mounts, and Covenant-themed cosmetic armor sets. Both will be available in a variety of different colors to collect.

The launch of Shadowlands Season 2! Item level increase across the border, new Domination-Themed Affix on mythic plus, new PvP season and a refreshment of the honor talents.

New Areas

  • One of the main new areas in 9.1 is called Korthia.
  • Is an ancient space that was lost in the in-between.
  • It has its own creatures and wildlife that inhabited.
  • Also creatures we have previously seen in Oribos.
    -  The attendants
    -  The protectors
  • Their city structures are the same as Oribos.
  • The “first ones” is very interesting to the jailer.

New Raid - Sanctum of Domination

  • Central area where the jailer has his forces.
  • 10 bosses raid.
  • One of them is the big boss that kicks you out of Torghast (Tarragrue)
  • One of them is the creature that is the eye of the jailer.
  • One of them is Kel'Thuzad.
  • One of them is Sylvannas Windrunner.
  • The finale of this fight will change the future of Shadowlands.

New Dungeon – A Megadungeon

  • Broker Trading City
  • 8 bosses
  • Mythic only (for now)
  • Focused around the traders we first met in Oribos. The brokers.
  • It’s a city of portals, action house, broker cartels.
  • The beginning of the dungeon has broker cartel members to fight.
    The second half is a heist section where we chase a broker that stole an artifact.
  • Cool bosses!
  • Rewards is broker themed pets and a mount.
  • A new currency

New Torghast Updates

  • Brand new wings added.
  • New enemies
  • New floors
  • New traps
  • New Powers

Maw themed Rewards

  • Maw themed horse
  • Maw themed hand mount
  • Maw themed battle pets

Covenant Updates

Conduits and soulbinds

Early on and want feedback.


  • No reputation grind.
  • Complete covenant activities and the covenant questline to unlock flying.
  • Completing flying will also unlock a new specialized flying mount specific to your covenant.

Kyrian Flying Mount

Night Fae Flying Mount

Venthyr Flying Mount

Necrolords Flying Mount

Covenant & Renown

More questlines and Renown added.

Continuing covenant and renown also ads a set of cosmetic transmogs.

Can be added to any armor type (cloth, leather, plate, mail).

Kyrian cosmetics

Night Fae cosmetics

Venthyr cosmetics

Necrolords cosmetics

Shadowlands Season 2 starts

  • Brand new Domination-themed Affix.
  • Ilvl increase on all parts of shadwolands
  • New PvP system, an honor talents refresh.
  • Introduction of season rewards.


20 Feb 2021