Castle Nathria - Raid Boss Tactics - Sludgefist


Sludgefist was born in the muddy foundation beneath Castle Nathria and now wanders the halls as he awaits orders from Sire Denathrius. His massive footsteps reverberate throughout the caste, announcing his arrival from several rooms away.

Fast Tactics

  • Tank boss away from pillars.
  • Make sure off-tank is closest to boss, melee at max melee range.
  • Targeted player (tank) when boss does Hateful Gaze runs behind a pillar so boss hits it. No one stands in between. This happens when boss reaches 100 energy. Dont let boss hit a wall, thats a wipe. 
  • Chain linked players must stack together. Don’t break if you BOTH can´t use any good defensive or immunity. It´s gone after 56 sec.
  • Run away from boss when you see a big circle around him (Destructive Stomp).
  • Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp at 20% health. That’s when boss enrages and does more 20% more dmg and faster melee attacks.
  • Heroic Mode: 3-4 players stack up on the player that is slammed with the big chain. You will be dragged to boss and split the dmg when reaching boss.

Tactics and Abilities

Hateful Gaze

When the boss reaches 100 rage boss targets a player.

Six seconds later, boss charges at that direction.

The charge does deadly physical dmg and a knock to the air to any player hit.

If the charge hits a pillar: All players take moderate dmg and boss is stunned for 12 sec. Also, all players take low dmg every sec for 12 sec. The pillar breaks.

If the charge hits a wall: RIP raid. All players take 12k physical dmg every second for 12 sec.

Tactics: Hateful Gaze

Target player gets a skull icon above the head.
Run behind a pillar so boss hits the pillar.

Raid beware not to stand in between.

Nuke boss during the 12 seconds it is stunned.

Beware of raid dmg.

Chain Link

Boss targets 2 players and connects them with chains.

Then chain does dmg every 2 sec for 56 sec.

If the players are more than 12 yards away, the chain breaks and each player take deadly dmg and stuns for 6 sec.

Tactics: Chain Link

Make sure you are close to the player you are chained with.

Don’t break the chain unless you have any defensives or immunities on you.

Destructive Stomp

Boss starts to do a big stomp on the ground (Big circle around the boss)

3 sec later, boss smashes the ground and it does very high physical dmg to players within 20 yards of boss.

This does a knockback.

This also destroys any pillars that are within 20 yards of boss.

Tactics: Destructive Stomp

Run away from boss.

Make sure to tank boss away from pillars.

Falling Rubble

Rubbles fall occasionally from the ceiling, you see swirls on the ground before it lands.

If a player is hit, it does Moderate dmg and a 2 sec stun.

It also creates a stonequake on the impact location.

The Stonequake does physical dmg every 1 sec and reduces the players´ movement speed by 25%.

Tactics: Falling Rubble

Make sure not to get hit from stuff that falls, easy.

Giant Fists (Tanks)

The melee attacks boss does on main tank will also strike the closest target.

If no target is found, boss strikes main tank twice.

Giant Fists (Tanks)

Make sure you are closest to boss.

Stand max melee range.

Colossal Roar

Occasionally boss will do a roar that does moderate dmg to entire raid and a knockback.

Tactics: Colossal Roar

Beware of posiotning after the knockback.

Don’t tank close to a pillar

Run back fast and be closest to boss

Make sure off-tank is closest to boss so you don’t get hit.

Top players health back up again.

Gruesome Rage

When boss reaches 20% health it enrages and does 20% increased dmg and 20% increased attack speed.

Tactics: Gruesome Rage

Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism when boss reaches 20% health and burn him down.


Boss hits a random player with his chain.

The player cannot move (immobilized).

After the 4 sec, boss pulls that player and any other players within 7 yards towards him and do deadly 62k physical dmg.

But the dmg is split among all players that got pulled together with the targeted player.

Tactics: HEROIC MODE: Chain Slam

3-4 players stack up on the targeted player that got hit by the big chain.

This way you split the dmg when pulled to boss.

When to Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism

When boss enrages at 20% health.


13 Aug 2020