Castle Nathria GUIDE – Tactics on Sun Kings Salvation


Overview - Tactics

Kael´thas Sunstrider starts in a weakened state and players job is to heal him up to full strength by clicking on the soul pedestals.

This fight is divided in 2 phases.
In phase 1 you will fight waves off adds and heal Kael´thas when you can.
When Kael’thas reaches 40%, you start phase 2.
In phase 2 you kill remaining adds and fight a Shade of Kael’thas together with his 3 phoenixes.
When the Shade reaches 50% health, you come back to phase 1 again.
When Kael’thas reaches 80%, you start phase 2 again.
When Shade is dead, you start phase 1 again until Kael’thas is completely healed.  

Phase 1 - Fighting adds

There are 5 types off adds that spawns and 1 add (Darithos) that is together with the starting adds.

Darithos - Does Shadow dmg to several targeted players and other players within 6 yards of the targeted player. Stay spread.

Rockbound Vanquisher – Slams tank and puts stacking debuff. Jumps and slams ground that does entire raid dmg. 25% increased dmg on next jump and stacks. Always focus on Vanquisher when Soul Infusers are dead.

Soul Infuser – Runs to the pedastals to channel and hurt Kelthas 1% each 2 sec. When it dies it spawns an orb that does 50% increased healing when picked up. Slow and stop these adds before they reach the pedestal. Kill them asap. Healers pick up the orb and heal Kaelthas when u can.

Vile Occultists – puts debuff on entire raid (brand) and casts fire bolts and teleports around. Drops an Essence font when dead. Interrupt to group up on Vanquisher add. Ranged interrupt and kill if teleported away from melee. Healers heal the essence font to 100% so it heals Kaelthas.

Pestering Fieds – Throw rubies at random players that does domg within 3 yards. Heroic mode they explode and does dmg within 7 yards. AoE them on top of Vanquisher add.

Bleakwing assassin – charge players and do dmg + stacking debuff to targeted player and players nearby. After a while they turn to stone for 8 sec then heald up to 100% health. Spread out from each other. Group them on top of Vanquisher add. Make sure the Vanquisher is dead before Aoe them down. Focus nuke when in stone if its about to die.

Kill order

On pull, start killing Darithos and interrupt/pull the Occultists to him.
Nuke Darithos and cleave/AoE the Occultists.

When the waves of adds start, the kill order/prior is following

  1. Infusers spawn in the back side, slow and kill them
  2. Attack Vanquisher always otherwise
  3. Occultists spawns from the back, pull/interrupt them for AoE on top of Vanquisher.
  4. Pestering Fied spawns in the middle, cleave/AoE them on top of Vanquisher
  5. Assassins spawn on the sides, take them to Vanquisher. Cleave them but focus Vanquisher.

Kill remaining assassins after vanquisher is dead.

Healing Kael’thas

Use the Soul Pedestal between waves or healers when they can during fight.

Heal the Essence font always to 100% health as soon as they spawn after an occultist has died.

Heal the boss with character abilities when you can after you have clicked on an orb that Soul Infuser drops when they die. It boosts your healing by 50%.

The Four Soul Pedestals
You must heal Kael´thas by using the 4 soul pedestals. When used, you get a debuff for 30 sec that unable you from using it. The soul pedestal takes your 7% of your health every 3 sec for 15 sec.

When Kelthas reaches 40% health, phase 2 starts.

Phase 2 – Shade of Kael’thas

Don’t stand in front of the boss. Only main tank. The boss does front cone dmg.

Run away with Ember Blast and other players must stack to share the dmg. Not same players each time.

Move away from middle when a fire bird is fixating you. It leaves fire pools on the ground by pulsating fire dmg. Kill if needed, kite otherwise. It respawns again after a while when killed.

When boss reaches 100% energy it does a massive fire blast and leaves a pool on the ground.
On normal mode its on the tank position, on Heroic/mythic it targets a random player position.

When boss reaches 50%, phase 1 starts again.

Abilities and Tactics

Adds Phase - The wave of adds

There are 5 types off adds that spawns and 1 add (Darithos) that is together with the starting adds.  

High Torturer Darithos

  • This add targets several players ( a circle around the player and also a beam between each player and the boss).
  • Does Shadow dmg to each targeted player and other players within 6 yards of the targeted player.

Tactics –High Torturer Darithos

  • Stand spread all the time from each other.
  • Kill the Occultists asap
    When they teleport away, melee on Vanquisher add and ranged kill/interrupt the Occultist add.
    Healers get ready and heal each essence font up to 100% as soon as they drop on the ground when an Occultist add dies.

Soul Infuser

  • Spawns from the back sides.
  • These adds move to the Soul Pedestals near Kael’thas and channels them.
    The Channel does 1% dmg every 2 seconds on Kael’thas.
  • If the Shade of Kaelthas is spawned, it will instead heal the Shade for 1% of his health every 2 sec.
  • When a Soul infuser add dies they drop an orb for a period of time.
    If this orb is picked up, the player get a buff that increase all healing done by 50% for 14 sec and stacks.

Tactics: Soul Infuser

  • The Soul infusers must be slowed and killed fast before they reach the pedastals.
  • If Shade is out
    Dps – Slow and nuke them fast before they reach the Shade boss.
    Tanks - Move the Shade away from them
  • Healers
    Pick up the orb to get the healing buff.
    Heal raid and Kael’thas

  • Rockbound Vanquisher 
  • This is the add that tanks must be aware of.
    This add slams the tank and does physical dmg and puts a stacking debuff.
    The debuff does physical dmg ever 1 sec for 20 sec.
  • This add also jumps up high and slams the ground hard, which does moderate dmg to all players and the smash dmg is increased by 25% each time and stacks.

Tactics: Rockbound Vanquisher 

  • This add must be killed fast.
  • Tank swap at 4 stacks.
  • Kill everything on top of this add.
  • Only focus kill Infuser adds before this add.

Vile Occultists

  • Spawns from the back.
  • Casts fire bolts at its target.
  • Puts a debuff on all players. The debuff does Shadow dmg and increase dmg taken by 35% for 15 sec.
    This can be interrupted.
  • Teleports around to avoid getting attacked.
  • Carries an Essence font on its back that leaks energy. When the add dies, the Essence font is dropped on the ground. 
  • Healing the essence to 100% it will cast Essence Overflow and heal Kael’thas for 2% of his max health.
  • The Essence font leaks when not picked up and removes health from Kael’thas.
    If the add is killed when the Essence font is at 0% energy, the Essence font is destroyed.

Tactics: Vile Occultists

  • They spawn in the back.
  • Interrupt them and group them up together on top of the Vanquisher add.
  • Healers must heal the Essence font to 100% as soon as it drops. 

Bleakwing assassin

  • They fly down to the sides of the platform.
  • These adds targets a player and after a short time, they charge the player and does high physical dmg  to the player and nearby players.
    The charge also puts a debuff that does physical dmg every 1 sec for 10 sec and stacks.
  • This add will after some time turn into stone and after 8 sec they will heal up to 100% health.  

Tactics: Bleakwing assassin

  • Spread out from each other.
  • Group them up and AoE them down on top of Vanquisher add.
  • If the dmg is to low, mark an assassin and kill them one by one.

Pestering Fied

Spawns in the middle

These adds throw cracked rubies at players that does physical dmg to all players within 3 yards of targeted player.

HEROIC MODE – when the add dies it does moderate physical dmg to all players within 7 yards.

Several of these adds spawns at ones

Tactics: Pestering Fied

  • AoE them down.
  • Raid stays spread.
  • HEROIC MODE - Beware not to be close to them when they die.

Boss phase - Shade of Kaelthas

At 40% health on Kael´thas, a shade spawns and attacks players.
Try to time it so you almost done with a wave of adds before Shade spawns.
During this time, Kael’thas cannot be healed.

The Shade spawns together with 3 Phenoxies adds.

The Shade is up until it has 50% health, then it disappears.

The fire pools on the ground that appear during boss/phoenix abilities on this phase disappear after a while, they will still be some left on add phase.

Fiery Strike (tank)

Shade does fire dmg in a frontal cone.
The dmg puts a 10 sec fire dmg stacking debuff.

Tactics: Fiery Strike (tank)

Make sure not to stand in front of Shade. Only main tank.

Tank swap when needed.

Ember Blast

  • Shade boss targets a player, after some sec a fire pillar crashes on the player and does deadly fire dmg split among players within 6 yards.
  • It also puts a debuff on all players being hit. This debuff does fire dmg every 1 sec for 15 sec and stacks.
  • HEROIC MODE - This leaves a fire pool on the ground (smoldering remnants) that does moderate dmg every 1 sec when touched.

Tactics: Ember Blast

  • Targeted player uses immunity if you have.
    If not, Stack on the targeted player to split the dmg and debuff.
  • On normal mode it does 45k dmg
    Heroic mode it does 62k dmg
    Mythic mode it does 82k dmg
    Plan how many players should stack up based on the dmg.

Blazing Surge

When Shade boss reaches 100 energy, it will target a player.
Normal mode – targets main tank position
Heroic/Mythic mode – targets a random player position

Boss release a massive blast of fire, leaving a fire pool on the ground that does moderate dmg every 1 sec when touched.

Tactics: Blazing Surge

Stay spread and ranged stay max ranged. 

Reborn Phoenix

3 phoenix spawns and randomly targets player and fixate.
They move very slowly.
They pulsate fire dmg and leaves small fire pools on the ground behind them that does dmg when touched. (smoldering remnants).
If they are killed, they begin to reignite and heals up and back to life after 20 seconds.


Tactics: Reborn Phoenix

  • Run to the sides when targeted and kite.
  • No need to kill.
  • Kill them if your raid gets to much fire pools from them. 

When to Blood Lust / Timewarp /Heroism

When needed.
Phase 1 can be overwhelming with adds and killing Rockbound Vanquisherand at the same time the Soul infusers. 
Have the Blood Lust/Timewarp/Heroism as a back up when you are overwhelmed/want a window to heal Kael´thas for a longer time. 








27 Jul 2020