BUY 454 Champion Gear through PLUNDERSTORM

Unlocking the Gear: To unlock the 454 ilvl gear (Champion), you'll need to reach Renown 10 in Plunderstorm. Once you've achieved this level of renown, the gear will become available for purchase.


Finding the Vendor: The vendor selling this gear can be found in the Roasted Ram, located in Valdrakken. However, accessing the vendor requires reaching Renown 5 and gaining access to Crests. These Crests serve as a key to unlock the vendor's inventory.

Lower Renown Levels: If you're curious whether the gear is visible at lower renown levels, it's worth checking. While the gear may not be available for purchase, you can still see it and get an idea of what awaits you as you progress.


Potential Updates: Keep in mind that Plunderstorm is an ever-evolving game, and updates are frequent. As you progress through your Renown levels, it's a good idea to periodically check for any additions or expansions to the available gear. More powerful options may become available to you.

Limited Stock: Once you spot the 454 ilvl gear (Champion) and decide to purchase it, don't hesitate! The vendor operates on a limited stock system, which means that once the gear is bought, it will no longer be available. Make sure to grab it while you can.

21 Mar 2024