Brewfest 2023 - Blue Post

Do you love eating delicious food, drinking bountiful beverages, and riding rams around barrels of apples? Brewfest has arrived, and you can do all that and more from 20 September–6 October.

20 September–6 October

Ironforge Entrance (Alliance), Orgrimmar Entrance (Horde), Valdrakken

Completing quests and activities on the Brewfest grounds will generally reward you with Brewfest Prize Tokens. These are used to purchase most of the items you will find on sale at Brewfest.


Brewfest comes to Dragonflight! Strike up a conversation with the Holiday Enthusiast in Valdrakken to begin the brewfestivities. In addition to enjoying the usual fun in Ironforge and Orgimmar, new Brewfest quests can be completed throughout the Dragon Isles, including one that will have you showcasing your skills in Dragonriding.

And what's Brewfest without some stout rewards? New items can be found on the vendor—the Orange Brewfest Bulwark shield customization, and get a safe ride home with the Brew Barrel toy.

Get a chance to take the best of the fest with you wherever you go when you take down Coren Direbrew! Once daily, you'll have an opportunity to get the Brewfest Armor saddle customization for your Renewed Proto-Drake. Use at any Rostrum of Transformation in the Dragon Isles.

Activities (Dragonflight)


Collect Brewfest tokens by visiting all 12 taverns (three per zone). And for those high achievers, get the "A Round on the House" achievement when you pay homage to all 12 locations.

Barreling Down

Keep your wits because you'll have to roll barrels through Valdrakken and deliver them to the Artisan's Market.

Bubbling Brews

Test your skills in Dragonriding and take to the skies above the Artisan's Market in Valdrakken to collect bubbles to fill a barrel.

Brewfest Chowdown

Slurp and burp your way through this eating contest to be crowned the Chowdown Champion. Compete with three other players in front of a panel of spectators to prove your prowess but try not to choke (literally)! The first to finish 10 plates of sausages takes home the prize. Manners optional. Speak with Etga (Horde) or Britta Steinhart (Alliance) to participate. Prize: 1 Brewfest Chowdown Champion Token.

Timed Events

Every half hour a group of alementals or hozen will show up to destroy the Brewfest grounds. Put a stop to their shenanigans for a reward once a day.

Chug ‘n Chuck Alementals

Throw nearby taster mugs at these destructive alementals to put a cork in their plans.

Shoo Pesky Hozen

Unruly hozen want to monkey around—restore order by driving away these pests.

Tip: Some of these buggers are winged, so saddle up on a flying mount to reach them!

Ceremonial Keg Tapping

Join the Draenor-famous Frostwolf brewery Warband Ales for a special toast during Brewfest at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. server time. Alliance players can do the same with the Thunderbrew and Barleybrew breweries.

Daily Quests

Complete special daily quests to obtain experience, gold, and Brewfest Prize Tokens to purchase holiday items.

Sample Fine Food and Brew

Stumble your way through the grounds while trying specialty food and brew from all over Azeroth and Draenor.


Garland of Grain*: A festive crown adorned with a golden pretzel that you can wear during Brewfest.
Tabard of Brew*: Show off your love for Brewfest year-round with this tabard!
Brewfest Chowdown Trophy*: Proudly display your Brewfest Chowdown Trophy!
Bottomless Brewfest Stein*: Fill your Brewfest Stein at a Brewfest Festive Keg.
Brewfest Reveler’s Hearthstone*: Return home in the most jubilant way possible!
20 Sep 2023