Brann BronzbBeard Abilities

You will have the companion Brann with you during your Delve runs. Brann will be either a healer or damage dealer and you can utilize 3 special abilities: combat role, combat curio, and utility curio, to enhance the performance in Delves. 

Brann Bronze Beard has 3 special abilities that you can add in to the UI for getting help in Delves. Each time you start a Delve you will have access to choose abilities. Also, there is a checkpoint later on inside a Delve which gives you access to abilities again and choose other if you want. 

Combat Role

Here you choose if you want Brann to be a healer or do damage. 

Combat Curio

You will choose an idol that will give Brann an ability to either do dmg, taunt, heal etc. 

Utility Curuio

You will choose a Relic in which Brann will give you a special buff. This can either be haste, crit, vers avoidance etc. 

Many Abilities

Brann will get new Abilities the more you level him up. No matter if Brann is healer or damage dealer, he will have 16 abilities in total but some are different based on healer/damage. Once you reach level 17, you will unlock the last ability called Explorer´s Ammunition Journal. This ability will increase in power for each level you increase on Brann. 


11 May 2024