Brackenspore Boss Guide

The Iron Horde juggernaut moored in the waters beside Highmaul drew the attention of Brackenspore, ancient walker of the deep. This aquatic giant spreads fungal growth and moss in its wake, and is driven by primal instinct to eradicate any traces of civilization on Draenor.

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The Brackenspore encounter is a single-phase fight during which you must face Brackenspore and a number of adds.

There are also two types of beneficial mushrooms that help your raid.

Throughout the fight, the fighting area will progressively become covered in a fungus that slows and damages any players that stand in it, and which also heals the boss and the adds.

Some of your raid members will need to make use of a Flamethrower (that provides an extra action button to use) to burn some of the fungus, keeping a clear area for the rest of the raid.



  • Perform a tank switch to handle Rot.
  • Use a defensive cooldown to survive Necrotic Breath, and make sure not to face Brackenspore towards any other players at this time.
  • Pick up and tank theFungal Flesh-Eaters.
  • Move Brackenspore near any beneficial mushrooms that spawn, so that the raid can remain stacked up.
  • Tank Swap at 3 or at each breath


  • Heal up any beneficial mushrooms that appear.
  • Top Brackenspore's tank off before Necrotic Breath is cast.



  • Stack up near the beneficial mushrooms.
  • Avoid standing in the Creeping Moss.


To begin with, two raid members will have to be assigned to use  Flamethrowers throughout the fight to keep the  Creeping Moss away from the raid or the mobs. The rest of the raid will have to perform the following tasks.

  • The raid should stack up at the location of any beneficial mushrooms, in order to benefit from their effects, for as long as the healers can keep the mushrooms at full health.
  • The tanks have to perform a tank switch on Brackenspore, when the stacks of Rot get too high.
  • Before Brackenspore casts Necrotic Breath, his tank must be topped off and use a defensive cooldown.
  • The raid will have to focus on killing Fungal Flesh-Eatersas quickly as possible, while making sure to interrupt all casts of  Decay.
  • The raid will also have to kill the Mind Fungusand Spore Shooter In the case of the Spore Shooters, certain ranged raid members will have to intercept the spores shot by these adds before they can reach the rest of the raid (which will mostly be stacked up).
  • The healers will have to pay special attention to the raid's health when Infesting Spores is being cast.


Throughout the fight, you will have to face Brackenspore, one type of moving add, and two stationary adds. You will also have two types of beneficial mushrooms that spawn at certain times in the fight. We will go through all of the abilities of these mobs below.


Brackenspore only has 3 abilities.

  • Rot is a stacking tank DoT that deals Nature damage every second. It requires a tank switch.
  • Necrotic Breath is a frontal cone breath attack that deals a high amount of Nature damage every second for about 5 seconds, and reduces the healing received by affected targets by 99% for the its duration.
  • Infesting Spores is an ability that is channeled over 10 seconds and eventually deals massive raid-wide damage. The way it works is that every second it adds a stack of a 3-second DoT on all raid members. After 10 seconds, it reaches 10 stacks and deals its highest damage for 3 seconds.



Large adds called Fungal Flesh-Eaters will spawn regularly throughout the fight, one at a time. These adds can be tanked and killed normally. They have two abilities.

  • Flesh Eater is a stacking buff that the add gains, increasing its damage, attack speed, and casting speed by 10%.
  • Decay is an interruptible spell that deals high raid-wide Nature damage. The adds try to cast this often.

In addition to the Fungal Flesh Eaters, two types of stationary adds will spawn throughout the fight. These adds do not need to be tanked.

Spore Shooters spawn in random locations of the fighting area, and they target random raid members with  Spore Shot. This ability fires a small green spore projectile at the target, which explodes and deals high Nature damage in an 8-yard radius on contact with any raid member.

Mind Fungus is a stationary add that spawns at the location of a random raid member. While it is alive, it casts  Mind Fungus, reducing the casting speed of all raid members in its proximity by 75%.

Beneficial Mushrooms


There are also two types of beneficial mushrooms that spawn throughout the fight. In both cases, they spawn in random locations of the fighting area, and they spawn in a damaged state. When they are healed up to full, they provide a beneficial effect in an area around them, but they also take damage. This means that in order to keep benefiting from their effect, you need to keep them at full health. The damage that they take ramps up, meaning that eventually they can no longer be kept alive.

Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

At the start of the fight