Boss Tactics Guide: Orgozoa


Orgozoa tends to Azshara´s hatchery, preparing for the day  her incubating horrors are unleashed upon Azeroth.

Overview - Fast Tactics

  • Two phases and boss abilities are very similar in both.
  • Phase 1 you fight the boss and “minor adds” and after 3 casts of Drippling Ichor (loads of splashes on the platform) the boss runs down a ramp and phase 2 starts when raid is down on the other platform and interrupts boss.
  • During intermission, dodge eggs
  • Phase 2 you fight boss and harder adds.
  • Tanks
  • Do not reach 10 stacks (instant death)
  • Tank Swap at (when adds come)
  • Off tank handles adds.
  • Tank adds away from boss
  • Soak the pool after adds die (Players with immunity can help)
  • Healers
  • Beware of heavy dmg on tanks. The debuff is nasty.
  • Raid
  • Dodge the Drippling Ichor (loads of splashes on the platform)
  • Run away from raid when targeted by Aqua Lance in phase 2 (Zanjir does it)
  • Soak the stomp in phase 2 (big Hulk does it)
  • Interrupt the witch add in phase 2 (Conductive Pulse)
  • Adds
    In phase 1 you will only have the Zoatroid add.
  • Zoatroid
    Does AoE dmg
    When dead, a pool is formed and must be soaked by tank or player with immunity.

In phase 2 you will have

  • Zoatroid (HEROIC MODE)
  • Zanjir
    High dmg on tank
    Throws a Lance on random player (run away from raid when hit)
  • Witch
    Lightning on 3 random players

Stuns entire raid for 3 sec (must interrupt)

  • Hulk
    Does a Stomp that must be shared by raid

Abilities and  Tactics


During phase 1, you will fight the boss and Zoatroid adds that spawn.


Boss has 5 abilities.

Desensitizing Sting (Tanks)

  • The Sting puts a stacking debuff on main tank, reduces all dmg taken by 10%
  • After 10 stacks, the tank dies by Heart-Stopping Paralysis from boss.

Desensitizing Sting (Tanks)

  • Tank swap every time add spawn.

Drippling Ichor

  • Boss creates a rain of big splashes (6y).
  • Each hit does very high dmg.

Tactics: Drippling Ichor

  • Dodge the splashes and healers beware.

Incubation Fluid

  • Boss dmg debuff on random players.
  • This is permanent and stacks until intermission

Tactics: Incubation Fluid

  • Healers beware
  • Nothing you can prevent.
  • This can stack up more and more during phase 1.

Arcing Current

  • Boss hits a player that has the Incubation Fluid debuff.
  • This hit chains to other players (up to 3 players).
  • Players that do not have the Fluid debuff will get one.

Tactics: Arcing Current

  • Nothing you can prevent.
  • Healers beware.

Chaotic Growth

  • Adds that are within 15 yards of the boss will be empowered and increase their dmg done by 50% and also reduce their dmg taken by 50%.

Tactics: Chaotic Growth

  • Tank adds away from boss.


Waves of adds spawns periodically.

The Zoatroid adds have 2 abilities

Pervasive Shock and Amniotic Splatter

  • These adds to dmg to all players (Shock) and when they die, they leave a pool each that does very high dmg after 5 sec.
  • This can be soaked.
  • If not soaked, it will high dmg to all players and leave a debuff that does high dmg for 30 sec.

Tactics: Pervasive Shock and Amniotic Splatter


AoE nuke the adds fast every time they spawn.

Off Tank
Tank adds away from boss.
Soak the pools when they die.


  • Boss leaves the platform after it has casted 3 Dribbling Ichors.
  • Boss runs down a ramp to the second platform.
  • Players must follow down that ramp to the second platform before the boss casts Massive Incubator and interrupt it.
  • If not interrupted, all the adds in that area will spawn.
  • There are obstacles that players must dodge when running down.
  • Hatchery Moulting
    Toxic fibers from walls that do knock back when within 3 yards.
    Stay away from walls.
  • Eggs that if within 5 yards, do dmg and knockback.
    Stay away from eggs.


Once players interrupt the boss, phase 2 starts on the second platform, which is bigger.

Players will fight the boss and waves of adds that differ from phase 1.

There will be 3 different adds and  4 on heroic (the Zoatroid spawns on Heroic as well and do the same as they did in phase 1).

Boss does the exact same abilities in phase 2 as it did in phase 1.

The 3 new adds

Zanjir Myrmidon
This add does high dmg on the tank.

This add also marks a random player and after 4 sec, the player is hit by a lance which does moderate to any player close to that impact.

Azshari Witch

The witch shoots lightning to 3 random players.

The witch also casts Conductive Pulse that stuns every player in the raid for 3 sec (can be interrupted)

Dreadcoil Hulk
The Hulk does a Stomp on the ground that does deadly dmg on the impact and players divide the dmg when getting hit.

If no players are soaking the stomp, it will instead do very high dmg to every player in the raid.

Tactics: Phase 2 adds

  • Tank the boss away from adds.
  • Swap to adds and kill them asap.
  • Interrupt the witch - Conductive Pulse
  • Several players soak the stomp.
  • Heroic – AoE kill the Zoatroids then go for the other adds.






7 Jul 2019