BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Opulence

You will divide the raid in two in which each team will fight one mini boss each.

One team will go left side path

The other team will go right side path.

Both teams will meet up in the end were the main boss is.

If you engage the boss directly instead, he will drain power from the mini bosses that gives him 100 % dmg and health per mini boss.

Meaning each mini boss alive buffs the boss.

Minibosses – Constructs

The path with the mini boss are divided in sections.

The miniboss moves to each section when 10% of the health is gone.

When the miniboss leaves a section it will burn down the previous section, so be fast to move.

Each section has different obstacles that you need to dodge

  • Boss shoots fire and turns in a circle.
  • The wall shoots fire
  • Boss lifts up one arm and smashes the frontal cone area
  • Debuff on players that does dmg to player close. Also leaves an orb that does dmg.
    Move away from raid with debuff.
  • Fire orb that fixate players, when hit it leaves a fire pool on the ground.
  • Mass debuff on raid – nasty
    Rush dps on miniboss to remove the debuff

When reaching the last room, the minibosses are buffed and will also do random raid dmg.

When both minibosses are dead, you go to last boss. Wait for both of them to die before attacking boss.

The Gems

When minibosses reach 40% health, you enter rooms with gems.

The gems buffs the raid.

If you take a gem you get the thief debuff for 30 sec that does deadly dmg after 30 sec passes.  

There are 3 different types of gems.

  • Diamond GEM
    Tank gem.
    This absorbs 50% of incoming dmg, max 300% of max health.
    30 sec to reset and use again.
  • Ruby Gem
    Dps gem.
    You do 1% more dmg for 5 sec. Only once per target per second.
    Does not stack up between players.
  • Emerald Gem
    Dps gem.
    You get 1% increased dmg when standing still. It is gone when you move.
  • Opal gem
    Dps gem
    You do 2% dmg on target all them time.
    This stacks up between players.
  • Topaz Gem
    Dps gem
    Only one player can take it.
    A buff that stacks and when reaching 100% you gain a buff that increase crit on nearby players by 100% for 20 sec.
    This buff stacks up to 100% only when standing away from others, when getting closer to together players, the buff stack will decrease.
  • Amethyst Gem
    Healer gem
    Haste increased by 50% and all heals will reduce shadow dmg intake by 99%.
    Also, players with shadow dmg reduction will give 1% mana to players within 10 yards when taking shadow dmg.

Healers take it and heal everyone to reduce the shadow dmg and stand next to players upon expiration to gain mana.

  • Sapphire Gem
    Healer Gem
    Healing players buffs them to do 5% more dmg for 30 sec.
    5 stacks of the buff increases dmg by 100% for 12 sec.

Should take the Opal Gem.

One on each side must take the Topaz Gem

1 on each side takes the Amethyst gem.

Rest takes the Sapphire Gem.

Main boss

Coin Sweep

High dmg on tank, physical dmg.

Use mitigation.
Tank swap when you have the diamond gem ready for use.

Liqiuid gold

A debuff that leaves a pool on the ground after 12 sec that does dmg.

Run to the sides with the debuff and let it expire there.

Coin Shower

Random player is marked.
After 10 sec the player takes deadly dmg but the dmg is shared.

Group up to the player that is marked to share the dmg.

Adds: Spirit of Gold

Several adds will spawn from boss and move to the sides.

If adds reaches the side they will spawn loads of pools on the ground that explodes.

CC them and Nuke the adds asap.

Wail of Greed

Boss does shadow dmg on entire raid for 10 sec.

This ability does more dmg each time boss does it.

Boss is buffed with 25% increased dmg every time as well.

Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism  and nuke the boss asap before you die.

23 Jan 2019